Sam Cassell - Can he win now in Boston?

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Now that Cassell bailed from LA he has one more chance to win a championship. (This article from Hoopsworld explains it more.) If he doesn't get it done this season do you think he has enough in him to come back again next year??

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IMHO, I think he can make it one more year but expect him to get hurt and miss part of the season. The guy was great for us but at the end he served no purpose even when he was out on the floor. Not sure how well he is doing there but I wish him the best.

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Yeah I'm not sure how he's doing either and I guess I don't even find it worth my time to find out. It's not a knock on Sammy but frankly I don't care that much since he's no longer a Clipper by his own accord.

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From the times I've looked at the stat lines for Sam with the Celtics, it looks like he's playing better there. I know that cuz he has the weapons there. How can you not do great with Allen, Pierce and most importantly Garnett drawing all the attention. If Boston stays healthy I think they have a great shot at winning it all...but for some reason a lot of people have this feeling like the most talented team will get outsted in the finals. Maybe it's cuz the Patriots blew it in the superbowl, who knows. I'm gonna make the unpopular pick (at least in Clipperland) for NBA champs and say the Lakers. I'd like the Hornets, but my gut says the Lakers.

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good choice jlemmen43 i totally agree!

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