Video of Clipper comeback 2009 in Memphis

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KARMA. /watch?v=9UFzz7X1rV0 a youtube video of the clipper the season on memphis in 2009.

I remember this game so easily. It was an awesome feeling being down the whole game and down 18 in the fourth and how that team pulled it out. It reminded me of game 1 and with good emotions flowing, I thought the older clipper fans should feel accomplished of how far they've come. BTW don't be fooled by my username, I was banned before Razz


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I distinctively remember a Camby block which led to an EJ layup. It was a great game. First time I've seen defense from the Clips all year during that season. LOL

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lmao yup! We had some great potential teams in 08-10. Baron ej thornton zach kaman camby ricky d novak mike taylor then telfair craig rasual and before we traded for zach we had tim thomas and cat mobley.. if all played to there abilities was more then just a playoff team. Mike Dunleavy just never got it together.

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some reason i liked mike taylor reminds me of bledsoe

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Goddamn, I really thought EJ-Al-Blake was gonna be our Big 3 of the future. The Heatles before the Heatles. lol

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^^^why do you guys refer eric gordon to ej? -_- its EG

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^^^^^what a Noob!!! Thats his nick name since he was little because "Ej" stands for Eric Junior his dad's name is Eric also, he's been carrying that name since his HS bball days in Indiana

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