How would you solve the hack to Shaq situation?

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I'm interested to see how you guys think we should act against this situation. If we are up at the end of the game, we already know they will use it. So before it happens again I supose VDN will have another plan because yesterday with Evans was atrocious.

Personally I would play Kenyon Martin and Griffin. Or even we should try to use Bobby Simmons as PF...

Hopefully we had Cook among us!!

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we can solve it easily by putting trey thompkins in. the guy can shoot the ball. plus i like the fact that he is 6'10 and has long arms. he could contribute.but that takes a coach willing to give some run to a rookie. hell, we are down 3 to 0, just try something different.

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I say when they start they hack-a-REGGIE/JORDAN.. respond by taking them out and putting in Martin

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DJ is such an amazing athlete?

Then run the f*ck away and take a defender with you!

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Well, in future playoffs, I'd have Blake improve his FT shooting (not that it's been bad in crunch time here in the post season), and get Serge Ibaka as our new center...

Hey, I can dream, can't I? Very Happy

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Miquel- KMart isn't much better in free throws- heck he's shooting 37% FT's this season. It's a difficult decision because Reggie does a lot of great things on the floor. You could do some offense-defense substitutions I suppose and bring in Simmons, but it's not like you can do that every chance you get. It's definitely tough when FT shooting is such a big liability on this team. The 2006 Clippers didn't have this problem and were a very good free throw shooting team.

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Call a timeout, replace DJ with someone else. Situation resolved.

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The other option for limiting the fouls on Reggie or DJ is to accidentally knee them in the nads every time they foul.

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duncan is not really good FT shooter either. If we are leading today, cant we do hack a duncan just to let poopavich know FU too we can do the same shyt

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the way to solve it is for them to just learn how to shoot FTs. Plain and simple.

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I've said it over and over...When Splitter comes in, keep fouling him so Pop can't play him. That means Duncan has to play a lot more or being in someone that isn't in his rotation. That will throw a wrench in Pops plan and will make him think twice about going after us.

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This seems the most logical answer,,but today that won't but for next year the have an entire summer to learn,,get a real coach that can help these guys.

Today,,take them the eff out and put someone in that can shoot them,,even if that someone is,,,,,dare I say,,,,,Gomes (although Trey is a better option).

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We shouldn't have let that game slip away from us but something needed to be done. DJ wasn't making the FT's and it was killing our strategy. To keep fouling means to stop the game clock and allow the Spurs starters to get more rest and to frustrate our team in general.

Maybe fouling Splitter non stop would have been a good idea to make THEM work for free throws as well.

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