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Every summer Clipper fans across the globe, all 100 of us look towards the draft lottery and pray to the basketball gods and the sisters of fate that some marquee free agent will sign here and turn us around. We look towards the future and never at the present, because the present is something almost unbearable to witness.

With dreams of our young players molding into model NBA players, All-Stars and game-changers we were given a few things this NBA season.

Looking like it would be nearly the same roster as last year we came to terms with reality that the "best" we could do as fans would be to hope that our boys fought for the 7th or 8th seed. That all changed with a new CBA and a nifty new "Amnesty" rule. A multi-time All-Star/award winner was amnestied and we jumped on the chance and won. Most thought Chauncey wouldn't ever play here but sure enough, he showed up and ready to play. A personal favorite of mine, I thought things couldn't be sweeter.

As we sat back and prayed for a healthy Gordon to explode onto the scene we were caught in a triangle for one of the best players in the NBA and again, one of my personal favorites. A breakthrough, once in a lifetime trade was made and we instantly were vaulted from a playoff hopeful, to a Western Conference threat.

Dreams started to come true and the sports world seemed to be on it's head. Even with Chauncey suffering a season ending injury the team managed to maintain pace and bring in help along the way.

Amazing alley-oop dunks, T-Bag dunks, wins over Miami, OKC and so forth coming down to the wire like a game 7 were memorable and showed us as fans, and the basketball world that we were finally for real.

2 NBA All-Star starters, a bench that was actually worth a damn, a top 5 player, a top 20 player ( Blake to me isn't better than top 20 ) and a largely growing fan base helped make this the best Clipper season I've ever remembered.

A hard fought 1st round battle saved this season from being a wash, and although we were swept out of round 2 by a surging and amazingly tuned San Antonio machine, I had tears in my eyes and got emotional when we won game 7. Only once before in my entire life of being a Pro Sports fan has that happened, but not nearly like this.

From pretenders to contenders, to seeing a dream start to unfold I salute you Clippers. I salute the front office, the guy selling hot dogs, the come backs, the defeats, everyone involved. I honor the true fans who were there for the Pooh Richardson days, the Odom, Miles, Richardson days, seeing Kandi-Man collapse, Brand leave us high and dry, Baron constantly let us down. Even back when Swen Nater was rocking it out on the court, I honor you all.

Thanks to all the fans, all the people that put on suits, uniforms etc for a great season. Let's hope this is the start of many successful years and the beginning of a dynasty. I'll be watching!

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I agree, it was hard to watch the clippers lose 50+ games a year. This season was fun and exciting and I can't wait for the future!

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Well Said brotha. VERY WELL SAID. This year was amazing. I watched every game and Tivo'd every game and watched EVERY MIN. of the playoffs. Game 1 and 7 against Memphis... I GOT DRUNK at the END. AFTER THE GAME ENDED. I was dancing with my wife and kids and they were laughing at me but also dancing with me. They know how much the Clippers mean to me. Since '92... Larry Brown, Mark Jackson, Danny Manning Days. I've been a hard core Clipper Fan.

Let's do even better next year. Let's get a better coach and we can go to the Finals. I TRULY BELIEVE THIS.

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There are 100 of us? wow,,are numbers are growing. I though it was just the 50 or so original members here,,and my wife.

The best, most exciting, unforgettable year for me,,,and I have seen some real clunker years.

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Ron we won just 19 games a few years ago. There have been many of those.

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In 2008 as a STH in a baseline 200 section,,I went to many games where my wife, myself and maybe 5 other people were sitting in one of our two side by side sections. In 2007 the sections were filled with bandwagon STHs,,the team started to stink (year after the playoff run) and no one showed up the next year (2008),,no one renewed.

I remember a lot of clunker years but yeah,,19 wins take the cake.

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hah.... I had a mini season ticket package in the late eighties after they moved up from Diego.... tix were $5/game and you could pretty much sit anywhere you wanted, especially if the down low ushers weren't paying attention....

and got to give props to Marko Jaric as he was half responsible for our playoff wins and bringing in both Cassell and CP3....

still my favorite team was Polynice/Edwards, Smith/Vaught, Manning/Norman, Harper and Rivers/Grant, and with Larry Brown.... too bad he traded away a good team for Stanley "Hot Plate" Roberts and Mark Jackson....

the other great team, at least before Keyon went down with a bad ankle, was the Kandiman, Brand, Odom/Miles, Maggette/Richardson, McGinnis/Dooling.... super fun to watch in the fourth quarter....

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