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See what you can put together

Team February 26:

Steve Blake

Rolando Blackman

Bingo Smith

Joe Holup

Tim Thomas

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Team June 1st:

Nick Young* - Swaggy P!!!

Anthony Tolliver*

Sam Young*

Mychel Thompson - Cavs Rookie/Mychal's son

Smush Parker - lol

Scrappy on defense, and crappy on offense. Fire away, Swaggy P!

*=literally born the same day as me.

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Team June 4

Xavier McDaniel

Greg Monroe

David Vaughn

Bobby Wanzer

Kim Hughes ( yes our very own Kim Hughes )

First 2 are good players, rest suck. And I picked the best 5 on there, well best 4 and threw in Kim Hughes for funzies.

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Team June 19

Dirk Nowitzki can beat all of you by himself

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Team June 27

Malik Allen

Chuck Person

Landry Fields

Kevin Joyce

Craig Hodges (Drafted by the SD Clippers in 1982)

I don't know anyone except Allen and Fields. And I just heard of Person. -______- haha

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All you guys listed are Gemini. cool sign. a strong sense of humor, like to talk, read, sing, play sports. full of energy. Smile

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March 19th

Andre Miller (eek!)

Ben Uzoh

Hedo Turkoglu

Tyrone Hill

All centers born this day didn't play more than 10 minutes per game o.o

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Jan 20th

  1. Nick Anderson

  2. Jason Richardson

  3. Ron Harper

  4. Bailey Powel dont know but he put up 18.7ppg and 9.9rpg

  5. Ira Newbel

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Pretty sure my team would lose to everyone. Average playing time of 9 dudes is like 1 year each.

June 6th.

  1. Chuck Williams

  2. Ollie Mack

  3. Jackson Vroman

  4. John Rudometkin

  5. John Garris


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August 23-

PG-Darren Collison

SG-Jeremy Lin

SF-Kobe Bryant

PF-Tom Boerwinkle

C-Rik Smith

Do I get a trophy?

Clipper 6th Man
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  1. Jalen Rose

  2. Otis Smith

  3. Jonathan Bender

  4. Mychael thompson

  5. Desagana diop

Jan 30th. We'd never miss a rebound but i have no idea who would handle the ball haha

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Literally everyone has a better team than I could muster.

Mine are a bunch of scrubs from the 50's and 60's so I won't even bore anyone with them.

But I'm an optimist, so I'm thinking at least I'd get a good lottery pick!

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lol I got no guards on my team I just put together the top 5 guys on my Birthday that play. I'm rocking out all forwards.

Clipper All-Star
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If we were doing all time people's birthdays using anyone, I might be in the front as I have one of the most famous kings in English history born on my bday and sex therapist Dr. Ruth haha.

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Team July 24

Rafer Alston (AKA Skip to my Lou, former AND1 streetballer)

Rick Fox

Karl Malone

Joe Barry Carroll

Walt Bellamy

Clipper All-Star
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Thats a gangster lineup, although JBC didn't do very well in the NBA given his "potential"

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My March 15th team is VERY thin...only one active player listed (Xavier Henry of the Hornets), and the only other good player is Terry Cummings, who retired in 2000. The rest are guys I've never heard of (John Janisch, Connie Simmons, Brady Walker, and Kevin Loder).

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Its a toss up between Jason Kapono and Vern Fleming for who would be the best player on my squad (February 4). Enough said.

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Team July 28

Willie Green

Manu Ginobili

Doug Collins

Bill Bradley

Ollie Darden

Havn't heard of the last 2 but Bill Bradley is apparently a Hall of Famer!

Clipper 6th Man
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Team August 24th

Will Frazier

Wes Matthews sr(Wesley Matthews jr pops)

Reggie Miller

Michael Redd

Charlie Villanueva

Not too bad we would definately shoot the lights out wit miller,redd and matthews sr

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lol great team too bad you'd get killed in the paint!

Clipper 6th Man
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lol killed is an understatement...its a sad day when charlie v is ur best rebounder smh

Clipper All-Star
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That's still a mighty impressive unit.

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Team October 6, Joseph Hutton Jordan Hamilton Ricky Berry Reggie Hanson Demarco Johnson

I've got 3 forwards and 2 guards

Your move Kupcake

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Team April 30,

Brandon Bass (PF)

Marty Byrnes (SF)

Ron Cavenall (C)

Quinton Ross (SG)

Luis Scola (F)

Solid team, I'd love to get rid of Scola though.

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