MIA death row..

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Clipper 6th Man
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D.Rose coming back from a bad injury, Chi looking to get rid of deng.noah

Dwight moving to the west (from all reports we read)

INDI and PHILI are stepping stone teams

Boston is dead

The Miami heat will have a open door to the Finals for the next 2-4 years.

and so will come the "western proxy teams" like the thunder, which are teams with lots of noise but no chance what so ever to win

if we can sign blake aaaaand only if we can sign blake its 100% we will see the heat in 1 of there final runs..

IF this so called "generation" of clips make it to the finals its almost 70% that we are facing the heat

it'll be interesting to see the type of team we would have by then..

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Dont count on the Heat going to the finals for the next 2-4 years. They caught a lot of breaks this year. Indy will be better next year and I gaurantee that Chicago will be as well. If they trade Noah and/or Deng, best believe they will be asking for equal or better value in return.

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The road the finals in the east begins and ends with the Bulls. Plain and simple. Unless they are idiots and trade Luol Deng for a draft pick then it'll be Miami and Indiana.

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Lmao what a Miami hater^ 4-1 son. champs this year as well, don't know why you think rose and the bulls are better then the champs, but then again all you do is hate

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dont count out boston. they had a deep draft. sullinger and fab melo+avery bradley+rondo+pierce+kg+jeff green and maybe resigning allen and they are a threat to anyone in the east. they did give the heat the toughest fight and that was with a injured allen and bradley.

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it was indy and boston that got the breaks when bosh was injured, when he came back it was game over

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Yeah, the Big 3 all play on the same team........so, sometimes people forget how good each of those guys actually are. It's not like you don't need a supporting cast, but with those 3 you can still get it done without a "great" supporting cast. 2 Finals appearances in 2 seasons while still learning how to play together. Sometimes I wonder what people see when they watch basketball games.

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Is anyone still thinking MIA "Death Row" now that they got Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis? LoL

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Death row starts next year when the repeater tax hits people. So lakers and heat will have to dump players or they will pay a huge penalty. If a team is 20 million over cap they will have to pay an extra 45 million dollars.

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It all depends on whether or not the Lakers get Dwight. If they do, $tern gets 5 years of his dream Heat/Lakers Finals.

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