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Mistwell and those of you who know a ton about cap I need some help here. Cap issues are probably my weakest area when it comes to basketball. When this is answered I'll delete the thread.

Let's say the Clippers offer Crawford, Allen, Terry all MLE right? There is the next 7 days or whatever until the deadline where you can actually sign the offers and finalize deals. Let's say the team decides they want Allen how do they go about canceling with other players? Can you simply tell the players nevermind we are going to go another route? Do you have to convince those players to sign elsewhere? How does that process work? Basically can you withdraw an offer at any time in this waiting period? Will it offend the agent probably?

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Yes you can withdraw, like the Olshey agreement, its just words. We'll see how today play out, cause I'm assuming they won't extend a verbal MLE offer to Jamal Crawford today, with Ray Allen yet to visit on Friday.

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Okay awesome.

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Actually, You can't offer the MLE to more than one player. They have to decline the offer before you can offer it to someone else. You can talk to all 3 players about your intentions, but you can't make 3 offers.

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