Eric Gordon, Suns Agree to Max Deal

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Pretty sure Hornets will match but good for EJ. PHX is where his heart is he says... LOL

Edit: He probably feels like the Suns are the place for him because their training staff is probably the best at keeping him on the floor for being as injury prone as he is.

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LOL. That's what I was going to say. The training staff and the fact that on Phoenix (assuming Nash leaves) he would be the biggest star. He's probably annoyed that, in NO, he's now probably the 3rd most popular player after the draft.

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valid points. too bad he is going back to NOLA. lol.

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Gordon is just a greedy SOB. This smells like Michael Redd all over again. Gordon is massively talented, and if healthy he deserves to be an All-Star multiple years. I just honestly cannot stomach the fact that we were going to offer him massive amounts of money EVEN THO I LOVE HIM and he's so damn injury prone.

I hope he remains healthy and gets what he wants but in all honesty, I think w/e team pays for him is making a big ass mistake. Maybe he proves everyone wrong and stays in shape and remains injury free. He's got a lot to prove and a lot to make up for. But all I see is a talented, over-hyped, injury-prone SG that is going to massively hurt the salary cap space of w/e team he goes to. AND in a couple of years when he gets waived or traded to some poor team that is willing to take on his huge contract, I'll be the first guy to say that he will, in exact words say "I can't wait to play for ( insert team name here ) I think this is the best place for me, I always wanted to be here and I look forward to making a comeback and showing this team and the league what I can do and help out in any way I can to help this team win and make it to the post season."

Something along those lines.

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Good for EJ. Nothing but love.

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wow and u love ej. lol. going to phoenix, if the hornets let him go might help him with his high propensity for getting injured. i dont think hes overhyped. oj mayo is overhyped. ramon sessions is overhyped. when healthy, ej is a top 10 sg without a doubt. thats why he was the 2nd best player on team usa that won the fiba world championship. and you talk about his contract probably being a bad thing for any team. maybe it would have been for us, but not for phoenix. if u want to talk about bad contracts, look at joe johnson's big contract, or at amare's contract or rudy gay's contract. and your quote at the end of your post is something any player who goes to a new team probably says.

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haha, EG will never have a healthy season!

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