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Clipper 6th Man
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This article from the Orange County Register tells us alot about "Dumb-leavy's" ability to spot young talent.

Clipper 6th Man
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Yeah, Korolev is pretty much a waste. I wish we had Danny Granger, which was in a lap and a proven player. That has to be one of the worst draft picks in Clipper memory. :/

Site Admin
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Yeah- or we could've drafted Gerald Green amongst others. Oh well- hopefully lesson learned from management to go after a more proven player next time.

Site Admin
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Luke Jackson actually got off the bench in the last 1:30 of the game- but Korolev didn't- that speaks volumes.

Clipper All-Star
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as far as the game. It was horibble. Our coach is a dan joke, and so is his son. He is angry that Maggette is a better player, and the fact that no one wants his son. So there is no need to repeat what a bafoon Dumbleavy is, and his ability to "spot good players". I would like to ask the Clipper Nation... Am I wrong??? Who do you feel needs to go Dumbleavy or Maggette?

Clipper All-Star
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This coach has worn out his welcome with me. Why oh why did they sign him to a long term contract. Now we are stuck with him for years to come. I like to watch the players play, but every time I see Dumleavy standing on the sidelines I want to puke. JamFan

Clipper All-Star
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I agree with David that the best option was Gerald Green...He still hasn't exploded because of another silly coach called Doc Rivers.I'm sure he will become a great player...Since day one we drafted Korolev there were a lot of question marks.As I have explained many times he had never played with pros in Europe and there's only one Dirk Nowitzki each decade...

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