Blazers request waivers on former Clipper Darius Miles

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Wow- I sure hope that Darius' injury is not career-ending like how the Blazers are trying to classify it. Pursuant to NBA procedures with regard to career-ending injuries, the Portland Trail Blazers have requested waivers on forward Darius Miles, General Manager Kevin Pritchard announced today. An independent medical examiner jointly appointed by the NBA and the NBA Players Association examined Miles and determined that the damage to Miles’ right knee is severe enough to qualify as a career-ending injury. Miles has missed all of the 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons, last appearing in a game for the Trail Blazers on April 15, 2006. “Given the....

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I've always liked him (partly because he shares my name), but he was a good player. I don't think his injury will end his career, but I guess the Blazers found it as an exuse to get rid of him. I doubt he'll be on any team for next season.

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I've kept an eye on Dariu's situation for a long time and it seems that he's totally lost for the basketball...He's considered a bad influence and this is why the Blazers don't want to see him neither in the locker room. It seems he has gained some pounds too.Darius loves too much the other side of an NBA player instead of playing basketball...I would be surprised if he ever returns to a basketball court. It's clear that he has been surrounded by bad persons and it's a pitty

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Darius once said in an interview that when he becomes a millionare he'll do .... He didn't realize he was a millionare. He was some ignorant (not stupid) naive kid from a s#%t hole in East St Louis. Unfortunately some of these children have no role models and are easy pickings It's easy to fall under their influence especially when you grew up around thugs. This is especially true now when so many players act like thugs.

What a shame

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