so as a poster w/ less than 1000replies, I can't be honest

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without being a troll? I've been banned twice. ANd for what. The first time I think I called someone a name, so ok. But the 2nd time I didn't even do anything but criticize management. I was klossthegoat by the way. That was a mistake to ban me.

So why can't I voice my opinion here?

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The only thing I remember about the name klossthegoat is wishing someone would ban him.

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why? What did I say?

I can't help that I'm a negative person. These are my real feelings. I'm not trolling anyone. I don't have the time to troll anyone.

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I remember a member named Klossthagoat and his posts were ALMOST as bad as Clippersams, now thats bad.

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You gotta pay the troll toll to get into the boys hole

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Trolling is against the rules: ... -1593.html

Trolls are not welcome here. You were warned about trolling, but you kept at it, and so you were banned. If you keep trolling, you new account will be banned as well.

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that's what I'm asking. What do you all consider trolling? I can't criticize anyone? That clippersam guy criticizes VDN all the time?

What did I say that you all consider trolling?

Please let me know. If I can't be negative, I'll just lurk and shut up. Even tho it will be hard.

I don't even remember responding to post calling me names.

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^^Did you even read the site rules? It explains it in there.

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