Never met a clipper fan that didn't know their basketball

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Every clipper fan i've ever met can play basketball like good! Im serious!! When has their been a bad one?

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hahaha I'm sure there's some. me personally, played Varsity for my HS last year. but I know some fans who sucks like my friend. I dont even know why u posted this, are you trying to kiss ass?

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I know my bball and baseball. ive been following these sports since i was a kid. i can play a little too. im just ok tho. i can be a GM. i can spot talent. i can read people. i know you guys come down hard on trey thompkins. thinks he's nothing cuz he came from the 2nd rounder. i dont think that cuz he's special. the dude can play. he never given the opporunity to show us. i saw trey at the scrimmage game dec 2011. he hit a 3, block shots, and rebounds. hopefully we can see him this season. Smile

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Agree Trey will be a very good player in the league if given the chance.

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Too bad he got injured... I wanted to see him play

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We may in fact know our stuff; however the posters on prosportsdaily are bashing CTB, kinda funny there's like 3 people. News on Trey he gave G. Hill 33 said he's trying out #9 according to @treythompkins . Speaking of Mr. Trey, I like him as well and think he could have a ton of potential, but he doesn't seem to have a very high motor, good anticipation, or high bb IQ.

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He needs to pass! Every time he gets the ball he shoots. He misses half but it would be better if he could make some assists!

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Clipper fans are true basketball fans! That's why! We actually know the game!

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