NBA PM: Jordan Expects CP3 to Re-Sign

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Hey all,

NBA PM: Jordan Expects CP3 to Re-Sign ... to-re-sign

DeAndre Jordan says Chris Paul is all-in.

Also is Cleveland really on Andrew Bynum's list?

Wesley Johnson and salary page links.



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Thanks.. I remember reading this somewhere else. Happy to hear it.

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Does DJ read the Bleachereport? DJ needs to talk to some of the people here on CTB before he goes making these wild accusations about extensions. We have our own insiders here that have shown that their opinion is extremely intuitive and know exactly where CP3 is going.

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Wrong thread

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Before people once again go nuts on this, let's give some credit here. If and it's a big IF DJ really thinks this way, the way CP3 has been recruiting players, the way he and others are really pumped about playing for this organization now I'd say CP3 is more than 65% sure he's going to re-sign here.

Yes, Dallas has loads of cap space in 2013 and will probably send him a max offer, yes CP3 can go to a different team in 2013 and leave us high and dry, these are all possibilities.

We've got an Athletic high flying C in DJ, something Chris covets. Blake is also massively athletic and his talent pool is nearly endless. Blake is on his way to becoming one of the best PF's in this young century.

Key veteran FA's are coming here that CP3 likes, were signing guys he likes, the fans love him.

We've got more here for CP3 than any other team currently has AND we have the ability to offer him 25 million dollars more than any other team in the NBA.

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Yes, while it remains a possibility Paul could leave, it's a much, much stronger probability he stays. I'm like DJ and not even thinking about him leaving.

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^^^with you my dude

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Let's get past 2012-13,,,kick some real ass to show the Clips will not lie down for anyone anymore,,and CP3 will be back. Done deal.

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Can't wait for our 1st rounder to come in, not get injured and help us perform big!

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Wait til we win a championship this year then we'll talk about it. For now, its hinge on how we will fare this coming season. Let's go Clips

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