We Need More Of This From Griffin+CP3 This Season

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Last year this was their best game as a duo. They looked unstoppable like an improved Stockton+Malone. Chemistry and effectiveness off the charts. Unfortunately they never played like this before or after this game. CP3 said his biggest mistake last year was not feeding Griffin more. If they return to this style of play we are winning the championship. Griffin needs to man the hell up and start actually setting a screen. His rolling before contact screens are pathetic. It makes it to where they don't get the switch/mismatch and makes it impossible for CP3 to peel the defender off.


Griffin: 31 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, 3 blocks.

CP3: 34 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals.

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Ryan Gomes played 21 minutes, no points, 1 steal.

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Career high?

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clippersfan86 why would you post this my man ! you just pumped me up and have me going through clippers vs heat vids lol great post though i hope you guys are pump like me chris pauls life was so much easier with chauncey on the floor they couldnt collapse on him knowing Mr Big Shot is behind the arc

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Wow... I remember watching this. Only if they Played like this on playoffs SMH, but hey they were both banged up

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clipperBryan32 wrote:
phaded21 wrote:
Ryan Gomes played 21 minutes, no points, 1 steal.

Career high?

Its not his fault Olshey gave him that deal. 4 mil a year, lol

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^ Neil's Draft just won the Co MVP of Summer League. While he made a mistake with Gomes the man finds a way to shine. Neil is a smart GM. Blazers gain is a Clippers loss.

I hope that CP3 remains true to his word and feeds BG more often. It would be nice if Vinny would also came up with some plays to ease the tension of both players. CP3 and BG would be a unstoppable force if they both learned how to feed off each other more frequently. I am looking for them to become more cohesive. I wish CP3 would push the tempo more and BG needs to also set much better screens. If these things were to happen both of them would have a much nicer season. Look like CP3 made the winning 3 in today's game for the USA. I keep wondering how the team would look so much better if BG was still running on team USA. I hope his injury doesn't affect his raw talent and athletism. I would hate for Blake to play injured or overly cautious. I am hoping he can at least maintain the things he has been doing. I am praying it doesn't affect his jumping ability at all. I am looking forward to the upcoming season. For the most part it looks promising. With more pieces and player development it should make for a interesting season.

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clipperBryan32 wrote:
phaded21 wrote:
Ryan Gomes played 21 minutes, no points, 1 steal.

Career high?


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They should include DJ in some of those pick n rolls. DJ is an awesome slasher/cutter.

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Only criticism I have is blake has got to start setting screens and actually hitting somebody. It would open their games up even more and thats actually very scary for the rest of the league.

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Great game.My favorite off the top of my head was the one against the Thunder where we hit 4 3-pointers in a row and Blake dunked on Perkins.I remember a couple others that I really enjoyed but the games against OKC and Lakers were the ones I really looked forward to.If DJ and Blake really step it up this season I think we will see move games like this.

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