Amare Stoudemire to work out with Hakeem for 2 weeks.

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$100,000 for 2 weeks? Thats chump change for DJ especially with the contract he got last year. Come on man. Please! ... --nba.html

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I hope DJ works with Hakeem also, he could use some offensive moves. I'm a fan of Amare but he doesn't need to work on his offense, his rebounding and defense needs to get a bit better though.

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Amare needs to be paying mount Mutombo. Cause amare has no defense and no rebounding skill. His offense is fine work on your week points.

On a side note mutombo was f***** awsome

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I am surprised that no one has also called Shaq. Yes he was a Dominant Big. But he had a lot of great post moves as well..

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alot of his great post moves worked BECAUSE of how big he was, IMO. that's why nobody's calling him, cause whatever he teaches them won't work unless the player is as big as shaq was/is.

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hahaha he was dominant because he was big as hell

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Is Blake still gonna work with Hakeem? hope he does and bring DJ too.

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