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I was flipping thru the channels and I noticed that they are going to replay 2 Clipper games as "Top Games of the Year" on NBATV.

Clippers @ Memphis - The amazing comeback win on April 29th play off game.

08/02 - 4am, 11am

08/03 - 5am, 3pm

08/04 - 2am

08/06 - 3am

08/14 - 10am

Also, lakers @ Clippers game from April 2nd.. damn loss..

08/02 - 2am, 9am

08/03 - 3am, 1pm

08/07 - 12am

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could have had the 2nd game, metta fouled cp late, bynum traveled + team woke up to late in the game (swaggy was ballin) and one of vdns most poorly coached games, he choked here...we didnt have chauncey either!

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I watched the comeback last night and it pisses me off that we didn't keep Reggie and Nick Young.

Hopefully the new guys will make me forget.

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I browsing around the channels last night and came across it on NBA tv. They were playing the big comeback... man that was really something!

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How is it that the comeback game ranked at #6?

We're there really 5 better games that that one this season rly??

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I think it was ranked low because it wasn't a close competitive game until the comeback.I think the game belongs on a greatest moments list rather than best games if you get what I am trying to say.I think the top 5 games on the list will be competitive games that went back and fourth for the majority of the game.But I wouldn't know because I don't get NBA TV Evil or Very Mad .

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^^ well said .. I guess it can't be that great a game when the home team is limited to one field goal in the 4th quarter. #5 on the list was pretty damn good game it was okc vs Miami game 4... Westbrook was unreal that gm

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What do u guys think #1 will be? I say bulls vs heat when the bulls forced ot with the starters riding the bench!

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I re=watched the huge comback game yesterday also.. sickjuice.. pure sickjuice

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