Kobe will not get another ring and will never pass MJ!! (P. 2)

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ohMEohMy! wrote:
esesteve wrote:
the clippers will never rise cuz no one wants to be a clipper ,the only reason chris paul was one, was cus stern veto the trade ,other then that, clippers will always be num 2 to the lakers .and now ur asked out, cus ones again we got wayy better then ur ass ,lol just when u thaught u were gona have a chance, we bitch slap u with the dwight howard trade!lol it must suck to be the lil brother ,hey u guys should try to go back to sandiego maybe u will have a chance there but u will never ever ever be the number one team in LA ,oh and by the way u might just lose ur franchise player to whoe else ?yes the lakers ,when his contract is up he will come to the his original destination,then how much will u hate us lmfao!!!!!!!man it feels good te be a laker fan !! Yellow_Flash_Colorz_PDT_03

LOL!! Congrats on fulfilling every single stereotype we have of Lakers fans in one paragraph. lol

I think this guy needs to put down the bong,,get back to school,,,learn how to write,,then came back after he completes his 6th grade education.

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I would say our franchise player is Blake Griffin... not Chris Paul... Chris Paul is the best player on our team... But I still feel like its Blake's team. By the way... Your spelling is horrific. I hope this year in 5th grade your teacher teaches you better English.

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I am just curious how Chris Paul could manage to sign a contract with the Lakers? Outside of the horrendous use of grammar in that mashed up sentence/paragraph that's my 1 real question I will focus on. Apparently the NBA is going to remove salary caps for that to happen.

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no he won't!

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