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Let me get this straight, I've been a Clippers fan for about 11 years now, and I've also been on these forums reading posts for about 5 years now (I forgot my old account name and pass). The problem is I'm not liking what I see on these forums, and I know my reputation and status on these forums are nowhere near the rest of you, but I felt like I had to speak out. Before I always knew Clipper fans as being knowledgable, cool-headed, and classy. That seemed to have all changed, especially on these forums. I'm starting to see some extremely unclassy remarks, EVEN IF it is about the Lakers and their obnoxious fans, we just have to stay classy. Also we're losing our cool, I'm seeing some bone-headed arguments/statements on these forums much more nowadays. I apologize if you take offense to this, it is just my opinion afterall. I personally liked seeing Clipper fans 10 years ago having admirable characteristics, I just hope we can keep it up.

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I understand what you're saying Bro, and you make some very good points. Unfortunately things don't always stay the same for the better or worse... But I will say to you... Welcome back to CTB!,

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While I do agree with you as a clipper fan I feel it's our time we can finally brag and sit down with the big boys.What I think is pissing everyone off is the trolls coming in here and trying to put us down for not liking the lakers. While we should be level headed we can't turn the other cheek forever. While this might be the lakers town we are now the mighty clipper nation.

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When teams get really good you get bandwagon fans. Some bandwagon fans take things too far and are sometimes not as knowlegable as they should be.

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with success comes ego. we dont know how to handle ourselves since we're in unchartered waters lol

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Your also seeing people putting more value in our team than is actually there. Your not going to be one of the few Clipper fans you know anymore, with more fans comes more bags of douche and more problems. Just take satisfaction that you know how long you have been a fan, and if EVERYBODY you know says they've been a fan as long or longer than you, they are liars.

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Yeah I agree bandwagoners usually do muck up any fanbase, but I do have to say that even bandwagoners can start to develop good characteristics as fan, they just gotta start early lol. Also, I don't mind bandwagoners. We've been fans for a long time right? The more fans = more money, and whatever is best for the Clippers should make us happy to.

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Laker fans don't know how to handle times when the Clippers are doing pretty well.

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I completely agree, and there are MANY MANY MANY MANY things I absoulutely dislike about Laker fans. (Heck I even made a post about my Laker fan pet peeves). All I'm saying is it's something that will never stop with them, so why even bother and let it effect us? Imagine us, as long time fans, winning a championship and overpowering the Lakers and not even showboating about it. Why you may ask? Cause we ARE the most loyal and passionate fans in the NBA, we don't have to state what we already know about our Clips.

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With winning, comes popularity. With popularity, you get all kinds of people with varying degree of knowledge and class. The Clipper fan base is no different and has no exceptions. As the team has won with stars like Griffin and Paul, i'm sure the subscribers to CTB has increased. Some are here to support while others are here to stir **** up. If you read and hang out here long enough you realize why certain people are here.

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Look at when I joined this forum,,my first game live was in 1989 and the wonderful Sports Arena (still have the stub) ,,been a true fan for 2 decades,,but I got told I was wrong by newbies when I tried to bring up what you did above. I got raked for saying we should let our boys do the talking on the court and really got it when I put in the "C" word (classy).

I agree with you,,but I am no doubt wrong.

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