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Title says all. Talk about your memories of your first season as a Clipper fan. I got introduced to the Clippers in 00-01 but didn't become a fan until 01-02, EB's first season with the Clippers. I remember in training camp, the young studs made a promice to get rid of the 'old Clippers'. Odom: "We dont want to be considered the 'other team'. We want to be 'the team'". The Clippers regular season attempt to the playoffs was so epic. Every game was full of energy and excitement. Some notable games, the Clippers victory against the Sonics to go 1 game above .500 for the first time in recent memory at the time. And then there was the Clippers blowing out the Pacers by 30 points. It was Lob City before Lob City. And of course can't forget about the Clippers down by 14 at the half against the Lakers. Corey Maggette went toe to toe against Kobe and lead the Clippers to an amazing comeback game. And I remember the Clippers were battling the Jazz for the 8th seed and how devastated I was when the Clippers lost the key game and their playoff hopes went in the gutter. EB being the first Clipper in recent hiatory to play in the All Star game. Elton Brand, Lamar Odom, Pike, Q Miles, McGinnis, Maggette, Olowokandi, Sean Rooks, Keyon Dooling, Harold Jamison, Doug Overton, Obina Ekezie, Tremaine Fowlkes. We all thought Miles was gonna be the next coming of KG Lmao. Oh the memories.

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Can't quite remember the year but one night after I came back from a game in a rec-center league ( I was maybe 11 or 12 years old) Got some In n Out and turned on the TV. They were playing a clippers/wizards game and LAC was just wrapping up a victory with some FTs. Something about the way Corey Maggette shot those free throws made me a clipper fan.

I always knew who the clippers were but never payed close attention. I can't really explain why I chose them over the lakers but just had a better feel. But I was really bummed out when Maggette and Brand both left farely soon after I started following the team more. Their games were always fun to watch, but it was frustrating to watch them blow leads in the 3rd/4th quarter. Didn't like the Baron Davis/Dunleavy era. I haven't been through as many tough years as some of the great clipper fans but I didn't jump on the bandwagon when Blake Griffin was drafted or after the Chris Paul trade.

And I miss Al Thornton and Steve Novak. Hope to see at least one of them in a clipper jersey again some day.

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02-03 the clippers were playing the houston rockets. I believe the game was sent into over time after Andre Miller hit a half court shot. The Clippers were down 2 in OT and andre miller got sent to the line with only a few seconds left on the clock. Andre hit the first ft and the second ft, but the refs called a lane violation on Andre saying he stepped over the line when really he didn't. The rockets went on to win that game and I believe it helped them get the eighth seed in the playoffs. After that game i realized that the Clippers were a team that was picked on by refs similar to how i was picked on by teachers in school. I related to them well, so I stood by them from then on.

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Well I currently live in New York, but I moved to Los Angeles when I was a freshman in High School. And I had always liked the Lakers until I went to a couple Clipper games that year, and I was picked on by all the Laker fans for doing so. And I chose the Clips because it was partly due to how annoying the Laker fans were and how disrespectful they were in talking about the cross-town rival, but also the Clippers players' personalities won me over. The D-Miles, Q-Rich, LOdom, and Brand era was so exciting, and yet they lost a lot of the close games. I had always thought they were a joke until I went to a game, and I was impressed by how good they actually were, and it seemed like every night was a night for the players to prove the critics wrong. So that year 2001, I decided to officially become a Clippers fan, and stand up against my "bully" Laker friends, haha.

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I remember copying Maggette's free throw routine. Few dribbles, slight back spin per bounce, tuck the arm, then shoot. Phenomenal ft shooter but horrid jump shooter.

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Back in the early 1900s I loved the uniforms so I was a clipper fan

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I remember the first time I saw the Clippers on TV. It's very vague because I was young, and I lived nowhere near California. I saw Michael Olowokandi play. I had heard about him and was hyped up. I was also a Clipper fan before this. I stayed up late and made sure I caught them on TV. It seemed like a miracle they were on because in the mid 90's the only basketball teams that were on tv really, were either your home state team, or w/e matchup was on NBC on Sundays, which was usually a Knicks, Bulls, Pacers game.

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I moved to LA from Connecticut to go to grad school in 1981 as a big Celtics fan. Naturally, a Celtics fan can't ever embrace the Lakers. When the Clippers moved to LA, I became a casual fan. In 1988 my career took a big jump forward and I could afford season tickets. That happened to be at the same time that Danny Manning was drafted.

That was about the most exciting young team in the NBA that year. They didn't do a lot of winning, but they played hard and were fun to watch. I've been a die hard ever since.

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I remember my first game for sure,,it was in the 1988-89 season and I saw them play the Hawks at the Sports Arena. At the time I was a Faker fan but decided to see what this new team was about. Besides it was easy to get good seats. I still have the stubs,,,we sat about 15 rows back, center court, 25 bucks.

But I was still a Faker fan but went to more Clips games every year because of the affordability and they were a likable team and really fun to root for. Going to the CLips was going to have fun, going to a Laker games was just not as fun except I got to see my favorite player,,Magic (also remember we had the Laker back court as ours for a bit too). So for about 4 years I rooted for both teams.. But the weird part to me was after a couple of years I found myself hoping the Clips would teach my team a lesson and whup em because I felt they deserved to be humbled as they were turning into a bunch of show boats.

So in 92 I decided the heck with the Fakers,,I declare myself a Clipper fan,,and never looked back. Became STH a few years after they went to Staples.

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I became a fan after going to my first Clipper game at the Sports Arena. We had the nose bleed seats because that was all we could afford. By half-time, we were on the 2nd row just behind the Clipper bench feeling goooooooodd.

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