Darco Milicic calls refs PUSSYS

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http://ballislife.com/gangster-darko-is-back-willing-to-kill-someone-o n-the-court-for-the-celtics/ Reporter: Darko Milicic, congratulations despite the loss. First impressions? Darko: Nothing, these three big fuckheads, these two..three pussies have cheated us, that's what happened. This *****, these three **** heads think they are something. I will go and **** their mothers' ***** - all three of them, that's what I'm gonna (????)pussies all three of them, I'm gonna **** his italian mother in her *****, man, that's what I want to say R: Darko, calm down a little bit, your impressions of the game? D: He's a fuckhead, he should suck my dick, go on..write that, manall three of them, the first one....

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The clip got me thinking about what would happen if he said that to TNT's Craig Sager after an NBA game.

I'm thinking maybe a 750 game suspension and a $20,000,000 fine.

Handed down by Joel Silver of course, because Stern would have dropped dead from rage. Sager's face would be the same shade of pink as his suit! Yellow_Flash_Colorz_PDT_04

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Hahahahaha! Great find! I cant believe I hadnt seen this interview before. Darko is a thug.

And I cant stop laughing your comments Cleepers

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hmmm... i guess he wouldn't have really fit on this team after all... a lot of anger issues there.

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I wouldn't call it anger, just umm passionate i guess. haha. Sounds like he would be a great football coach.

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too bad it's not in english.... didn't feel the passion because i didn't understand.... although you can sense it just wasnt the same for me

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At least he cares .... Lamar????

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how dumb...

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