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Clipper 6th Man
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Sorry for the lame title joke (look it up, mascot), but I had a quick question.

I'm living up in the Bay Area now (which means no Prime Ticket for me) and I'm about to move to a new apartment so I won't have TV or internet for a couple weeks.

That being said, I'd still really like to watch all of the preseason games. So if anyone is going to DVR them or record them in any other way, I'd be willing to throw $20 your way through PayPal if you send them to me in a Dropbox or some other file transfer service.

You can PM me, but I'm sure there are other people in my situation so you might just want to post here and you might grab a few more bucks.

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I'm in the Bay Area as well, moved up here for college. I just got league pass. It's not too expensive (you can pay $119 up front and watch all the games on your laptop, or you can pay like $26 or something like that, 5 payments of it). You should really look into it! You'll get 5 teams you can watch, you can watch the games whenever you want with archiving (or you can watch them live). It's worth it

Clipper 6th Man
Posts: 140
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Thanks for the tip, but I already got it Smile

Unfortunately, League Pass doesn't cover pre-season games (at least it didn't used to).

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I'll see what I can do. No promises. If I get the games, I'll PM you.

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BringMcadooBackado- sorry but this is a legal request. Please refer to the site rules and guidelines- the thread has been locked and trashed.

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