D’Antoni Accepts Offer to Become Knicks Coach

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Wow thought he would stay with the Suns.

Wouldn't mind having him as our coach. Still he lacks defense but I love his up-tempo style of play.


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I'm sure that this has been the last woeful year for the Knicks...With Walsh and D'Antoni things will change in NY. I bet right now that they'll be in PO next year. This year there were a lot of interesting coaches in the market but it seems we will have to deal with Dunleavy for years...

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No way the knicks do anything for at least a few years, their payroll is ridiculous, and they do not have a good blend of talent. Noone is going to take Jerome James massive contract off of them, Randolph and Curry are a joke on the same team, Marbury is worthless (and likely gone), Crawford is just a scorer, and QRich is on the decline. To me, their only bright spot is David Lee.

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Is he going to do the same run and gun style in NY? I'm not sure if the personnel there currently supports it, but obviously they have time to change before the season starts. But yeah I agree with Miquel- I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the playoffs next season.

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I doubt they will make it, not like the west where the teams kinda eliminate each other the hawks sixers and nets will do better next year. And he is good not at disciplining players and those guys are trouble.

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Yikes. Well you never know what could happen. I remember watching espn and watching all the sportscasters praise Larry Brown for accepting the job and how the Knicks will become a contender. haha but look what happened to him...lol

But yeah, the Knicks have good players. It seems like half of their roster could become potential all-stars in different teams. The only reason why they suck so bad, is cause every player wants to score like 40-50points a game. And they all lack discipline for some reason.

But yeah you never know, D'Antoni might turn it all around. I say the Knicks win at least 40-45 games next year.

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The only reason they could make the playoffs is becuse you can get in with 37 wins. He would have to be a miracle worker to get a .500 record out of that motley crew.

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He should've taken the Bulls job, a much better team. But I guess you can't blame him cause money talks and $30 mil is royalty for an NBA coach.

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the knicks have a lot of talent, but the no chemistry,

p.s. is dunleavy fired?

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Fired? I don't think so....

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