Worth taking a risk on Eric Gordon in Fantasy Bball?

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2 years back, before Gordon was traded and the Clippers season ended on a high note with Griffin being ROY, I remember telling myself to keep an eye on where Eric Gordon falls in my leagues fantasy basketball draft. I knew he was going to have a breakout year, with as good or better numbers than he had that season.

Sadly, Gordon was traded and he was hurt most of the year. However, he did post good numbers during his time on the floor. This year, and if I have done my research correctly, Gordon should be available for me in the 4th round of a 14 team draft, or at least in the 3rd round. I pick 12th out of 14 teams, meaning I'll be at pick 12, 17, 40 and 45.

I've done some mock drafts, and Gordon's average pick varies in these things, but on Yahoo, he's being picked around the 40-48 range. Right now I plan on going for Dwight Howard in round 1, and Blake in round 2. I'll settle for Kobe or Melo in round 1 if D12 is gone.

Basically I plan on going after big men with 2 or 3 of my first 4 picks. Getting a top shelf center for me is priority. But, I will need a guard in those first 4 picks, and long story short... I am eyeing Gordon. NOLA is taking delicate care of their best player and he is expected to return in time for the season opener.

Should I take a gamble and go after one of my fav Clippers? If I somehow land Blake in round 1 or 2, I'll be getting 3+ assists a night from my PF spot, or C spot wherever I decide to play Blake. That is HUGE, considering I can easily fill in a PG and SG that can get me reasonable assists a night. Gordon lands me FTM, points and assists, and SHOULD keep me somewhat competitive in 3pters. My fear is, his knee's will give out and he'll get hurt again. But if I can land 65+ games from him this year and he's healthy for the playoffs, should I take the risk?

I fashion my teams around points, rebounds, free throws made and I'm competitive or great in blocks and assists. Gordon, at 3-4 assists a night at the SG position with his uncanny ability to get to the FT line would really help.

Enough rambling, he worth the risk or not?

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Simply put, your dumb if you take him before the 6th round. I picked him up his rookie season and he was def my sleeper pick and did great helping me win my league. I also picked him up last season hesitant of the season before, but he did great in the first game of the season with the game winner. I was excited thinking this is now his team and hes going to blow up for me. Then i find out he is going to be out about 3 weeks, so i held on to him. Those 3 weeks ended becoming my whole fantasy season (with zero production out of my late 3rd round pick in a 14 player league (first pick overall-->CP3)) He only played 9 games last season, in his contract season too. The guy will get hurt and you will want to hold on to him and it will hurt you bad, especially when his injuries last longer than expected.. Take a pass unless hes in the garbage part of your draft. And if you do draft him and he has a semi serious injury, drop him right there. Even the garbage free agents put up some numbers, and something is better than nothing. This is coming from a big EJ fan.

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I wouldn't draft Gordon because I am a fan, I would draft him because he would fit my team well and will put up serious numbers. I held onto Brook Lopez for the majority of the year last season and he was my 3rd round pick lol.

This league is a lot different than most leagues I've ever been in. It's been running for about 10+ years and these guys really know their stuff. Gordon is going to get swept up in rounds 3-4 no problem.

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What is a fantasy bball team? How do they divide the league players for so many people that participate?

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hell no

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