Lakers have sucked this preseason! (P. 2)

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wow trying to insult people by implying they are retarded considering i am a current doctoral student. good job buddy making the flaker fan base look even more stupid. i know u wouldnt call me or imply im retarded if u and i were face to face. because if u did, u would end up with a broken jaw or missing teeth. just saying. if u doubt that would happen, why dont u message me, set up a meeting between u and i and see what happens tough guy. now that we addressed that, i dont have to tell myself s*** because howard will see that he wont win a title with the lakers and he will want to leave the soon to be downtrodden lakers because its still kobe's team til he leaves in 2 years. you guys are in denial about the future of the lakers, and we clippers fans understand, but sooner or later u will have to face reality, just like when your fan base thought u would be getting cp3 or when you guys thought griffin wouldnt resign with us to go wear the purple and piss colors. smh.

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^ Waste of your energy, bullterrier.

I'm beginning to think that the "USC" in his screen name has nothing to do with the venerable educational institution that bears the same name, but rather that he was scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars for a diploma from the University of Stupid Cunts.

"Fight On" indeed... evidently against common sense, logic and facts.

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i didnt care much for him talking crap. however, it is f****d up that dumbasses like himself use developmental disabilities to insult others. shows how ignorant he is. lmao at your use of the USC acronym. he probably did get scammed. hahaha and yes fight on is right, thats the flaker fan base for you. well at least the majority of them.

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They had their starting lineup play in the 4th and still lost. I know its pre season, but they have some chemistry issues and that lack of depth is killing them

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Kings bench scored 57pts and the Lakers bench scored a staggering 18pts. So all the lakers have to do is have their starters score 40pts more than the opposing teams starters and they should be just fine. LOL

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kobe is the ultimate chemistry killer. hes a black hole on offense. their bench is terrible. it would be extremely funny if they didnt make the playoffs due to bad chemistry. lol

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Get used to it Lakers fans. There is a trend, you guys keep falling short while the Clips on the rise. Aka Chris Paul trade, lakers second round exit etc and Lakers getting knock out of the playoff this year Smile.

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The Lakers will be formidable, but the bench deos suck. They will win 60 if the starters can hold up. That's a big "if".

And I think the Clips might actually have the better coach, but better is relative.

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and they will continue to suck!

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