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New member here, this will be my first season as a season ticket holder! I have bought partial plans in the past, but this is my first season that I have bought tickets for the entire season.

So first off I look forwarded to following the clippers this season with you guys here on the forum!

My real question is for those of you season ticket holders who sell the games you cannot make. Where is the best venue to sell them through i.e. most traffic so they actually sell. Are you able to get book value price for your tix or you take a loss? any techniques that you can give a newbie season ticket holder?!

Thanks in advance!

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Wow we have another new member! Welcome to CTB

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Welcome to CTB D84, CTB is blowing up!

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welcome, AD84!

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welcome to ctb!

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Congrats and welcome AD84;

The games I can't go to, I usually sell them on either **** or ticketmaster(ticket exchange).

As for pricing, usually I try to get my cost back. You need to see what the market selling price is on those sites and set your pricing accordingly.

This year, for some reason, ticket exchange thru the Clipper website is not working correctly. Maybe it's only the preseason, but if it does go into the regular season, I think there is going to be a major uproar. LOL.

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I use that place that can't be named here but it has to do with stubs. The problem,,vs say the Dodgers,,is this stub site isn't linked with the NBA. So to use it you have to have a PDF form of your tickets or they sell the hard tix for you. Then the buyer pays more then if they can get the ticket electronically. Selling Dodger tickets, there is a link so they make the PDF files for you adn there is no shipping charges. NBA is too greedy

I would think if you went to your CLipper account and printed you tickets at home,,but instead of actually printing them when the facsimile shows up on your screen you could save the file to disk,,then you have a PDF file,,I think,,but I dunno.

As far as tuning a profit,,probably not. A ton of STH are only trying to dump the seats they don't go to (like me !) and even getting face value may be tricky,,even though most games are sold out already. so like someone said,,you jsu have to look at market value and take it form there.

good luck,,and welcome (don't forget to go to the rookie STH party tonight)

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Ron, you are correct.. regarding stubs, you need to print(save the file) at home and save the file then upload it. Or email it to yourself with different name, so your name isn't on the eticket.

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