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Which PG should the Clippers pursue now?

Conley7 %7 %7 % 7.36 % (12)
Lowrey12 %12 %12 % 12.27 % (20)
Crittenton15 %15 %15 % 15.95 % (26)
Marbury15 %15 %15 % 15.95 % (26)
Livingston22 %22 %22 % 22.70 % (37)
Tinsley4 %4 %4 % 4.91 % (8)
Go with the 3 PG's we already have20 %20 %20 % 20.86 % (34)

Total votes: 163
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Re: Which PG should the Clippers pursue now?
by Derty_Bert on 09/29/2008 - 04:28 AM
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Im amazed at how many people still would rather have a beat up S Dot. Who refused an offer from the clippers before they signed Jwill and R. Davis. He didn't want to play for the Clippers so why would you want a player that doesn't want to play for your team. Like I said if we did pick him up he wouldn't be of value this year, he could probably play 20 games this season averaging 10 mins a game. He use to be my favorite Clipper when he was an asset, playing him now would be a liability. We don't need him.

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