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Would you trade Chris Wilcox for Eddie Griffin?

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No55 %55 %55 % 55.70 % (44)

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Re: Would you trade Chris Wilcox for Eddie Griffin?
by Benoit_Benjamin on 02/08/2006 - 07:46 PM
(User information | Send a message) http://'s my take. First off I don't think I'd trade Wilcox for just Eddie Griffin. I think they could get more. I would do the trade if Minnesota would agree to to take that lottery protected clause off the first round pick they got in the Cassell-Jaric trade. However, I doubt Minnesota would do that since they are out of the playoffs as of now and need that pick. Although, if we did get Griffin then maybe we wouldn't have to watch McCarty bricking three pointers in a game anymore!!
The Clippers must be thinking two thoughts while considering this trade. First, Minnesota has been a great trading partner so far this year. Just look at how the Cassell-Jaric trade has gone down. Jaric has been benched the last two games while Sam has been nailing game winners for the Clippers. Second, the pick that they got in that trade is lottery protected this year. So if Minnesota does not make the playoffs they keep that pick. From everything I've read it doesn't sound like that pick is going to be replaced in a future draft (which seems odd because most lottery protected picks are replaced in future years). So maybe the Clips are thinking that Wilcox will help Minnesota sneak into the playoffs and they will get that mid-first round pick.
All in all, I'm sure Wilcox won't be a Clipper beyond this year. He's going to be a good player but the Clips are locked in at the forward/center position with Brand and Kaman. Wilcox would be great on a run and gun team. The Clippers would be wise getting something of value for him before this year's trade deadline or in the summer in a sign-and-trade. We'll see what's going to happen.

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