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Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are All Stars - DJ Snubbed

Posted by: JamFan on Wednesday/January 18/2012 - 09:52 AM
Clipper News 
Los Angeles dominated the All Star Voting for the Western Conference in a way that has never happened before. The Lakers seem to always have guys among the leaders. Now, with the emergence of the LA Clippers, the West All Star team will start 4 players from Los Angeles.

Joining Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in the starting lineup would be Kobe Bryant at guard, Kevin Durant at forward, and Andrew Bynum at center. DeAndre Jordan finished second in the voting for center. He was snubbed in the voting by coaches on who was to be added to the all star lineup. They went instead with Marc Gasol. DJ might have been a casualty of having to many Clippers in the lineup. Chauncey Billups received a lot of votes but finished 8th among guards.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are the first Clippers to start an All-Star Game since World B. Free of the San Diego Clippers in 1980. The last time the franchise had two players on the All-Star team was in 1976 when the Buffalo Braves had Randy Smith and Bob McAdoo in the starting lineup. The Clippers have now been represented in the All-Star Game 19 times by 11 different players. Besides Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, other All Stars include Chris Kaman, Elton Brand Danny Manning, Marques Johnson, Norm Nixon, World B. Free, Randy Smith, Bob McAdoo and Bob Kauffman.

Every year we all look at the All Star ballot and wonder who in the hek is making up the list of candidates. Every year there is a player on the ballot who hasn't played at all due to injury, or who is riding the pine due to lackluster play. This year we have Metta World Peace averaging 5ppg. Grant Hill is living it up with 8ppg. And Lamar Odom is having a disappointing season with 7ppg.

So who did they leave off the ballot? Caron Butler. Are you kidding me? He is a former All Star who is having one of his finest seasons for one of the most exciting up and coming teams in the NBA. And he doesn't even get a look. Averaging 15ppg, he is scoring triple the points Metta World Peace is producing. This is a travesty. Hopefully, Caron will be added by the coaches. But there are other small forwards who are deserving as well. Moreover, if he isn't added to the roster, it could be because the Clippers will already have 3 All Stars on the roster. But this doesn't change the fact that he should have at least been on the ballot.

Dwight Howard was the top vote getter with Kobe coming in #2. Andrew Bynum had a big lead at center in the West, while DeAndre Jordan finished with a slim lead over Marc Gasol.

If the Clippers get 3 players on the All Star team, it will be the first time it has ever happened. This is going to be a season with a lot of achievements that have never happened before. Western Conference Champions? Trip to the Finals? World Champions? Stay tuned. This is going to be a season to remember.

aka Don Allen

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JamFan's NBA Power Rankings - All Star Break

Posted by: JamFan on Monday/January 09/2012 - 09:02 PM
Clipper News 
Sunday 2/12 - Miami moves back up to the top spot with 7 straight wins. The Clippers drop one spot to #5 after San Antonio moves up with an 11 game winning streak. Linsanity moves NY out of the lottery with 8 wins in their last 10. Boston drops down into the lottery after 5 straight losses.

1 Miami Heat 27-7 ~ Most powerful team, won 8 in a row by 12 pts or more, and 9 of last 10.

2 Oklahoma City Thunder 27-7 ~ Could be #1, won 5 in a row, 12 road wins. Dumped the Lakers.

3 Chicago Bulls 27-8 ~ Also could be #1, 14 road wins, trading for Gasol?

4 San Antonio Spurs 24-10 ~ Won 11 in a row, 9 of 10, finally 11 road wins.

5 LA Clippers 20-11 ~ Best start in a long time. Paul stepping up after Chauncey's loss.

6 Indiana Pacers 21-12 ~ Very streaky team but won last 4. 11 road wins. The Hoosier state is in love with basketball again.

7 Orlando Magic 22-13 ~ Really bad some games then great in others. Won last two and 7 of 10.

8 Dallas 21-13 ~ 6Inconsistant but won 7 of last 10. Lost to Lakers at home.

9 LA Lakers 20-14 ~ Inconsistant, won only 5 of last 10, only 6 road wins.

10 Philadelphia 76er's 20-14 ~ Leading their division but lost 5 straight. Iggy an All Star

11 Houston 20-14 ~ Crawl up out of the lottery after 3 straight wins. Only 6 road wins.

12 Atlanta Hawks 20-14 ~ Recent 3 gamed losinf steak, lost 6 of last 10. 10 wins on the road.

13 Memphis 19-15 ~ Can't make up their mind if they want the lottery or not.

14 New York 17-18 ~ Linsanity takes over NY. Won 7 of last 10. Carmelo back. Byron Davis playing.

15 Minnesota 17-17 ~ Back up out of lottery, 10 of 17 wins are on the road.

16 Denver Nuggets 18-17 ~ Suffering from lots of key injuries. Dropped 7 of last 10.

The Lottery Teams-
Boston, Portland, Minnesota, Utah, Phoenix, Golden State, Toronto, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Sacramento, New Jersey, Charlotte, Detroit, New Orleans, Washington.

I rank teams based not just on their win/loss record. I put extra weight on how they have played lately, strength of schedule, and how they are playing on the road.

aka Don Allen

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Clippers Schedule 2011-2012 Lockout Shortened

Posted by: david on Tuesday/December 06/2011 - 05:35 PM
Clipper News 
The lockout shorted 2011-2012 Clippers NBA schedule has been released. There will be two pre-season games and then the Clippers start the season on the road vs the Warriors on Christmas Day. The Clippers have a road-heavy April schedule. To make the playoffs it is prudent for the team to be in good shape in terms of the standings and playoffs heading towards that home stretch.

December Opponent Time
Mon 19 @ LA Lakers Preseason 7:30pm
Wed 21 vs LA Lakers Preseason 7:30pm
Sun 25 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Wed 28 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Fri 30 vs Chicago 7:30pm
January Opponent Time
Sun 01 vs Portland 6:30pm
Wed 04 vs Houston 7:30pm
Sat 07 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
Tue 10 @ Portland 7:00pm
Wed 11 vs Miami 7:30pm
Sat 14 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Mon 16 vs New Jersey 12:30pm
Tue 17 @ Utah 6:00pm
Wed 18 vs Dallas 7:30pm
Fri 20 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Sun 22 vs Toronto 12:30pm
Wed 25 @ LA Lakers 7:30pm
Thu 26 vs Memphis 7:30pm
Sun 29 @ Denver 5:00pm
Mon 30 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
February Opponent Time
Wed 01 @ Utah 7:30pm
Thu 02 vs Denver 7:30pm
Sat 04 @ Washington 4:00pm
Mon 06 @ Orlando 4:00pm
Wed 08 @ Cleveland 4:00pm
Fri 10 @ Philadelphia 4:00pm
Sat 11 @ Charlotte 4:00pm
Mon 13 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Wed 15 vs Washington 7:30pm
Thu 16 @ Portland 7:30pm
Sat 18 vs San Antonio 12:30pm
Mon 20 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Wed 22 vs Denver 7:30pm
Tue 28 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
March Opponent Time
Thu 01 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Fri 02 @ Phoenix 7:30pm
Sun 04 @ Houston 4:00pm
Mon 05 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Wed 07 @ New Jersey 5:00pm
Fri 09 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Sun 11 vs Golden State 6:30pm
Mon 12 vs Boston 7:30pm
Wed 14 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
Thu 15 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Sat 17 vs Houston 12:30pm
Sun 18 vs Detroit 12:30pm
Tue 20 @ Indiana 4:00pm
Wed 21 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Thu 22 @ New Orleans 5:00pm
Sat 24 vs Memphis 12:00pm
Mon 26 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Wed 28 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Fri 30 vs Portland 7:30pm
Sat 31 vs Utah 7:30pm
April Opponent Time
Mon 02 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Wed 04 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Thu 05 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Sat 07 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Mon 09 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Wed 11 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Thu 12 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Sat 14 vs Golden State 12:30pm
Mon 16 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Wed 18 @ Denver 6:00pm
Thu 19 @ Phoenix 7:30pm
Sun 22 vs New Orleans 6:30pm
Tue 24 @ Atlanta 4:30pm
Wed 25 @ New York 5:00pm

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Clippers Schedule for 2010-2011 Regular Season

Posted by: david on Tuesday/August 10/2010 - 01:58 PM
Clipper News 
October Opponent Time
Wed 27 vs Portland 7:30pm
Fri 29 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Sun 31 vs Dallas 12:30pm

November Opponent Time
Mon 01 vs San Antonio 7:30pm
Wed 03 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Fri 05 @ Denver 7:30pm
Sat 06 @ Utah 6:00pm
Tue 09 @ New Orleans 5:00pm
Wed 10 @ San Antonio 6:30pm
Fri 12 vs Detroit 7:30pm
Mon 15 vs New Jersey 7:30pm
Wed 17 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Thu 18 @ Indiana 4:00pm
Sat 20 vs New York 7:30pm
Mon 22 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Thu 25 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Fri 26 @ Phoenix 6:00pm
Sun 28 vs Utah 12:30pm

December Opponent Time
Wed 01 vs San Antonio 7:30pm
Fri 03 @ Denver 6:00pm
Sun 05 @ Portland 6:00pm
Mon 06 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Wed 08 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Sat 11 vs Memphis 12:30pm
Sun 12 vs Orlando 6:30pm
Wed 15 @ Philadelphia 4:00pm
Fri 17 @ Detroit 4:30pm
Sat 18 @ Chicago 5:00pm
Mon 20 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Wed 22 vs Houston 7:30pm
Sun 26 vs Phoenix 12:00pm
Mon 27 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Wed 29 vs Utah 7:30pm

January Opponent Time
Sun 02 vs Atlanta 12:30pm
Wed 05 vs Denver 7:30pm
Sun 09 vs Golden State 12:30pm
Wed 12 vs Miami 7:30pm
Fri 14 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Sun 16 vs LA Lakers 12:30pm
Mon 17 vs Indiana 12:30pm
Wed 19 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Thu 20 @ Portland 7:30pm
Sat 22 vs Golden State 7:30pm
Tue 25 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Wed 26 @ Houston 5:30pm
Sat 29 vs Charlotte 7:30pm
Mon 31 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm

February Opponent Time
Wed 02 vs Chicago 7:30pm
Fri 04 @ Atlanta 4:30pm
Sun 06 @ Miami 9:00am
Tue 08 @ Orlando 4:00pm
Wed 09 @ New York 4:30pm
Fri 11 @ Cleveland 4:30pm
Sun 13 @ Toronto 3:00pm
Mon 14 @ Milwaukee 5:00pm
Wed 16 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Tue 22 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Wed 23 @ New Orleans 5:00pm
Fri 25 @ LA Lakers 7:30pm
Sat 26 vs Boston 7:30pm
Mon 28 @ Sacramento 7:00pm

March Opponent Time
Wed 02 vs Houston 7:30pm
Sat 05 vs Denver 7:30pm
Mon 07 @ Charlotte 4:00pm
Wed 09 @ Boston 4:30pm
Fri 11 @ New Jersey 4:00pm
Sat 12 @ Washington 4:00pm
Mon 14 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Wed 16 vs Philadelphia 7:30pm
Sat 19 vs Cleveland 12:30pm
Sun 20 vs Phoenix 12:30pm
Wed 23 vs Washington 7:30pm
Fri 25 @ LA Lakers 7:30pm
Sat 26 vs Toronto 7:30pm
Wed 30 vs Dallas 7:30pm

April Opponent Time
Fri 01 @ Phoenix 7:00pm
Sat 02 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Tue 05 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Wed 06 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Fri 08 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Sat 09 @ Houston 5:30pm
Wed 13 vs Memphis 7:30pm

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The Case for Xavier Henry- Los Angeles Clippers

Posted by: JamFan on Wednesday/May 26/2010 - 10:23 AM
Clipper News 
I'm glad to see that Xavier Henry is finally getting some play on TopBuzz. And he is starting to get some Buzz around the league as his stock rises in the Consensus Mock Drafts. Why? As you do your homework in analyzing this years draft, you notice one thing that stands out. If you are looking for a shooter at the 1, 2 or 3, you are going to get frustrated.

Xavier is a 19 year old phenom out of Kansas who is a rare commodity in this years draft. He can shoot. He averaged 28PPG in high school. As a freshman at Kansas he had 14PPG in 27 minutes per game while shooting 46% from the field. Oh yes, at age 18. And he is so young his potential hasn't even nearly been realized. We can't yet imagine how good he might get. Go and visit http://www.nbadraft and check their consensus Mock Draft. You notice that Henry has moved up in this consensus to 11. So why is he moving up?

If you look at the other guards and small forwards in the draft who are likely lottery picks and check their shooting percentages from the very short 3 point line in college, you begin to think that maybe this years draft is the Gang Who Can't Shoot Straight.

36% Evan Turner
32% John Wall
41% Wesley Johnson
27% Al Farouq Aminu
34% James Anderson
38% Damion James
42% Xavier Henry

So what does this mean for the Clippers? Turner, Wall, and Johnson are like to be gone before we draft at 8. So unless we give up an additional asset to move up, we are left with only one player who can shoot well from the outside. We are left with only one player who has the most upside because of his young age.

Here is the analysis from on Henry. " Eighteen year old freshman with an effortless, fluid style ... His body is NBA ready - built like a freight train possessing tremendous strength ... Ideal frame for a shooting guard or small forward at the next level. Naturally gifted scorer (28 ppg as a HS senior) with a deadly shooting eye. Prolific shooter from beyond the arc with tremendous range. Pure stroke with a quick, smooth release. No hitches ... Uses his legs very well on his shot getting good lift ... Effective slashing to the hoop where he can attack the rim and seek out contact ... Finishes extremely well, shrugging off defenders with ease ... Gets to the free throw line regularly and is automatic. Active on the glass ... Can be a terrific rebounding wing with his strength and freakish wingspan (6.7 per game in 2009 and 7.2 in 2008) ... A thief when playing off the ball defensively, reading passing lanes and intercepting passes (1.7 spg through his first seven collegiate games). Refreshing positive attitude on the court. Always smiling, seeming to truly enjoy the game of basketball ... Hard worker and very coachable, which is rare for a player of his stature."

The Clippers will sign a max free agent to fill our biggest need, which is SF. So, you draft for your next biggest need, and for the Clippers that is shooting from the outside. We never have enough great outside shooting. If you do your homework on who will likely be available with the 8th pick, it is actually easy to see that from the field and from the 3, Henry is by far the best shooter available at 46% and 42% . But his value does not end there. He can slash to the bucket, play defense, and rebound. The Consensus Mock Draft now has him at 11, and his stock is rising. Other teams are looking for shooters as well. That's why he is moving up. Henry will be able to play the 2 or the 3 in the NBA and at 6'6" will be able to add height to the shooting guard position which is Eric Gordon's biggest weakness. He's short for a shooting guard.

Be careful endorsing players at the 3 who can't throw a pea in the ocean from farther than 3 feet from the basket. I have been a Clipper fan for a long time. One thing we have lacked for years and years has been consistant outside shooting. When we shoot, we win. When we don't.......we lose.


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Los Angeles Clippers Schedule for 2009-2010 Regular Season

Posted by: david on Tuesday/August 04/2009 - 02:44 PM
Clipper News 
October 2009
Tue 27 @ LA Lakers 7:30pm
Wed 28 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Fri 30 @ Utah 6:00pm
Sat 31 vs Dallas 7:30pm

November 2009
Mon 02 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Fri 06 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Sat 07 vs Memphis 7:30pm
Mon 09 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Wed 11 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Fri 13 vs Toronto 7:30pm
Sun 15 @ Oklahoma City 4:00pm
Tue 17 @ New Orleans 5:00pm
Wed 18 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Fri 20 vs Denver 7:30pm
Mon 23 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Wed 25 @ Indiana 4:00pm
Fri 27 @ Detroit 5:00pm
Sun 29 vs Memphis 12:30pm

December 2009
Wed 02 vs Houston 7:30pm
Sat 05 vs Indiana 7:30pm
Tue 08 vs Orlando 7:30pm
Sun 13 vs San Antonio 6:30pm
Mon 14 vs Washington 7:30pm
Wed 16 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Fri 18 @ New York 5:00pm
Sat 19 @ Philadelphia 4:00pm
Mon 21 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Tue 22 @ Houston 5:30pm
Fri 25 @ Phoenix 5:00pm
Sun 27 vs Boston 6:30pm
Wed 30 @ Portland 7:00pm
Thu 31 vs Philadelphia 6:30pm

January 2010
Mon 04 vs Portland 7:30pm
Wed 06 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Sun 10 vs Miami 12:30pm
Tue 12 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Wed 13 @ New Orleans 5:00pm
Fri 15 @ LA Lakers 7:30pm
Sat 16 vs Cleveland 7:30pm
Mon 18 vs New Jersey 12:30pm
Wed 20 vs Chicago 7:30pm
Thu 21 @ Denver 7:30pm
Sun 24 @ Washington 10:00am
Mon 25 @ Boston 4:30pm
Wed 27 @ New Jersey 4:30pm
Fri 29 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Sun 31 @ Cleveland 3:00pm

February 2010
Tue 02 @ Chicago 5:00pm
Wed 03 @ Atlanta 4:00pm
Sat 06 vs San Antonio 7:30pm
Tue 09 vs Utah 7:30pm
Wed 10 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Tue 16 @ Portland 7:00pm
Wed 17 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
Sat 20 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Mon 22 vs Charlotte 7:30pm
Wed 24 vs Detroit 7:30pm
Fri 26 @ Phoenix 7:30pm
Sun 28 @ Sacramento 6:00pm

March 2010
Mon 01 vs Utah 7:30pm
Wed 03 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Fri 05 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Sat 06 @ Utah 6:00pm
Tue 09 @ Orlando 4:00pm
Wed 10 @ Miami 4:30pm
Fri 12 @ Charlotte 4:00pm
Sat 13 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Mon 15 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Wed 17 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
Sun 21 vs Sacramento 12:30pm
Tue 23 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Thu 25 @ Houston 5:30pm
Sun 28 vs Golden State 6:30pm
Tue 30 @ Milwaukee 5:00pm
Wed 31 @ Toronto 4:00pm

April 2010
Sat 03 @ Denver 6:00pm
Sun 04 vs New York 6:30pm
Wed 07 vs Portland 7:30pm
Thu 08 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Sat 10 vs Golden State 7:30pm
Mon 12 vs Dallas 7:30pm
Wed 14 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm

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Clippers Summer League 2009 Schedule

Posted by: david on Monday/June 22/2009 - 11:47 PM
Clipper News 
Monday, July 13
Thomas & Mack
5:30 PM LA Lakers vs. LA Clippers

Tuesday, July 14
COX Pavilion
7:30 PM LA Clippers vs. New Orleans

Wednesday, July 15
Thomas & Mack
7:30 PM LA Clippers vs. Memphis

Saturday, July 18
Thomas & Mack
5:30 PM LA Clippers vs. Washington

Sunday, July 19
Thomas & Mack
7:30 PM LA Clippers vs. Phoenix

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Clippers Schedule for the 2008-2009 Season

Posted by: david on Thursday/August 07/2008 - 03:24 PM
Clipper News 
The Clippers Schedule for the 2008-2009 Season has been released! LA will open its season against its cross town rivals the Lakers in a home game on October 29th, a game that will be televised on ESPN. The next game will see Marcus Camby face off vs. his former team the Nuggets, and on November 21st the Clippers will try and take it to Elton Brand and his new Sixers team in Philadelphia.

Wed 29 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Fri 31 vs Denver 7:30pm

Sat 01 @ Utah 6:00pm
Mon 03 vs Utah 7:30pm
Wed 05 @ LA Lakers 7:30pm
Fri 07 vs Houston 7:30pm
Sun 09 vs Dallas 12:30pm
Wed 12 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Sat 15 vs Golden State 12:30pm
Mon 17 vs San Antonio 7:30pm
Wed 19 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Fri 21 @ Philadelphia 4:00pm
Sat 22 @ New Jersey 4:30pm
Mon 24 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Wed 26 vs Denver 7:30pm
Sat 29 vs Miami 7:30pm

Tue 02 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Wed 03 @ Houston 5:30pm
Fri 05 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Sat 06 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Mon 08 vs Orlando 7:30pm
Fri 12 @ Portland 7:00pm
Sat 13 vs Houston 7:30pm
Tue 16 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Wed 17 @ Chicago 5:30pm
Fri 19 @ Indiana 4:00pm
Sat 20 @ Milwaukee 5:30pm
Mon 22 vs Toronto 7:30pm
Sun 28 vs Dallas 12:30pm
Tue 30 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Wed 31 vs Philadelphia 6:30pm

Fri 02 @ Phoenix 6:00pm
Sun 04 vs Detroit 12:30pm
Tue 06 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Thu 08 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Fri 09 @ New Orleans 5:00pm
Sun 11 vs Phoenix 12:30pm
Wed 14 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
Sat 17 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
Mon 19 vs Minnesota 12:30pm
Wed 21 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Fri 23 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Sun 25 @ Golden State 6:00pm
Mon 26 vs Portland 7:30pm
Wed 28 vs Chicago 7:30pm
Fri 30 @ Cleveland 4:30pm
Sat 31 @ Washington 5:00pm

Mon 02 @ Miami 4:30pm
Wed 04 @ Orlando 4:00pm
Fri 06 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Sat 07 @ Atlanta 4:00pm
Mon 09 @ Charlotte 4:00pm
Wed 11 vs New York 7:30pm
Tue 17 @ Phoenix 6:00pm
Wed 18 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Sun 22 @ Portland 3:00pm
Mon 23 vs Golden State 7:30pm
Wed 25 vs Boston 7:30pm
Fri 27 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Sat 28 vs Charlotte 7:30pm

Mon 02 vs San Antonio 7:30pm
Wed 04 vs Memphis 7:30pm
Sat 07 vs Indiana 7:30pm
Tue 10 vs Cleveland 7:30pm
Sat 14 @ Denver 6:00pm
Sun 15 vs New Jersey 6:30pm
Tue 17 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Wed 18 vs Washington 7:30pm
Fri 20 @ Detroit 5:00pm
Sun 22 @ Toronto 12:30pm
Mon 23 @ Boston 4:30pm
Wed 25 @ New York 4:30pm
Fri 27 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Sat 28 @ Houston 5:30pm

Wed 01 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Sat 04 @ Denver 6:00pm
Sun 05 @ LA Lakers 6:30pm
Tue 07 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Fri 10 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Sat 11 vs Portland 7:30pm
Mon 13 @ Utah 6:00pm
Wed 15 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm

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Warriors Match- Kellena Stays At Golden State?

Posted by: JamFan on Thursday/July 17/2008 - 11:52 PM
Clipper News 
Two years ago the Golden State Warriors found Kelenna Azubuike toiling down in the D League. It's not that he was hiding or anything. He was ripping up that league averaging 22 points per game and dominating. In the two years with the warriors he has played consistantly, shot the ball for a good percentage, and showed flashes of absolute brilliance, especially when he got enough minutes. But the Warriors have so many wing players there were not enough minutes to go around.

The glut of wing players at Golden State is exactly what the Clippers are counting on as they sign AZ to an offer sheet reportedly for 9 Mil over 3 years. The price is not to high for a guy with the potential that AZ displays, so it is that glut that the Clippers hope will keep the Warriors from matching.

Kelenna's numbers projected over 40 minutes are 16 PPG and 6 RPG while shooting 45% form the field and 40% from the 3. Last November he dropped 33 points on the Clippers and they apparently have never forgotten about it.

The Warriors also drafted another wing player in the first round and they signed Corey Maggette away from the Clippers at 10 Mil per year. Add to that the Lakers did not match their offer to Ronny Turiaf for 4 Mil per year, and you have a situation where the Clippers just might get lucky. As it turns out, the Warrior have indeed matched the Clippers offer and he will remain at Golden State.


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Baron Davis Is Our Home Town Hero!

Posted by: JamFan on Friday/July 11/2008 - 01:08 AM
Clipper News 
The Clippers had their news conference today to introduce the newest member the Clippers and the biggest free agent signing in Clipper history. Baron seemed to be very happy to be on board and the Clippers management seemed very estatic to have him in the fold as well. With the events of the past week, could you imagine where the Clippers would be at the moment if Baron had not decided to honor his committment. Baron is a man of his word, he is a man of honor, and he is our hometown hero.

Baron was raised in Los Angeles, went to high school at Crossroads in Santa Monica, was a legend at UCLA, and now he gets to come home a finish career where it all started.

As one of the best point guards in the league, he will now lead a team that will rely more on young players than ever before. Cat Mobley, Tim Thomas, and Chris Kaman will make up the vets who will see a lot of playing time. Baron will have to mentor such young newcomers like Eric Gordon, Al Thorton, DeAndre Jordan, and Mike Taylor.

With about 13 Mil in cap space left, the Clippers are not finished. They will do everything they can to bring in another free agent, probably at the power forward position. This will be a tricky job because the top 3 players available who could play for us at power forward, Josh Smith, Omeka Okafor, and Andris Biedrins, are all restricted.


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Al Thorton A First Team Selection

Posted by: JamFan on Tuesday/May 13/2008 - 04:41 PM
Clipper News 
Los Angeles Clippers rookie forward Al Thornton was named to the T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team, the league announced today. Thornton garnered a total of 48 points in the final voting with 20 First Team points.
The 6’8” high-flyer from Florida State turned in a break-through rookie season, averaging 12.7 points, 4.5 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 27.3 minutes in 79 games played (31 starts). He also connected on 374-871 FG (.429), 43-130 3FG (.331) and 214-288 FT (.743) on the year.

Thornton finished his first NBA campaign ranked second among rookies in scoring (12.7 ppg), fifth in minutes (27.3 mpg), eighth in rebounds (4.5 rpg), fourth in three-point field goal percentage (.331 3FG) and fourth in double-doubles (7). Thornton also poured in a 2007-08 NBA Rookie and Clippers’ season high 39 points vs. Memphis on March 29, 2008. The 39-point outburst also tied the Clipper rookie mark for points scored in a game (Terry Cummings – 3/9/83 and Tom Chambers – 4/15/82).

In addition, Thornton tallied 15.4 points and 6.2 rebounds in his 31 starts while scoring 20+ points on 20 occasions and 30+ points three times on the year. He led the Clippers in scoring 16 times, rebounding eight times, blocks 12 times and steals 10 times.

Rounding out the T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team are Atlanta’s Al Horford (58 points), Seattle’s Kevin Durant (57 points), Houston’s Luis Scola (53 points) and Seattle’s Jeff Green (43 points).

The voting panel consisted of the NBA’s 30 head coaches, who were asked to select five players for the first team and five players for the second team, regardless of position. Coaches were not permitted to vote for players on their own team. Two points were awarded for first team votes and one for second team votes.

Building upon its already strong appeal to the nation's youth and as the Official Wireless Services Partner of the NBA, T-Mobile is showcasing the NBA's youngest players -- the Rookies -- through the NBA's Rookie program. Highlights include rookie awards presentations including the T-Mobile Rookie of the Year, T-Mobile Rookie of the Month Awards, and the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam, an All-Star competition between NBA rookies and second-year players. During NBA All-Star 2008, T-Mobile Huddle Up and NBA Cares hosted more than 5,000 local students in the lower bowl of the arena to watch this year’s Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam. This is a part of T-Mobile's continued efforts to connect kids to positive people, places and programs.

Below are the results of the balloting for the 2007-08 T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie teams:

Player Team First (2 pt) Second (1 Pt) Total
Al Horford Atlanta 29 - 58
Kevin Durant Seattle 28 1 57
Luis Scola Houston 26 1 53
Al Thornton LA Clippers 20 8 48
Jeff Green Seattle 15 13 43

Player Team First (2 pt) Second (1 Pt) Total
Jamario Moon Toronto 12 14 38
Juan Carlos Navarro Memphis 5 14 24
Thaddeus Young Philadelphia 4 15 23
Rodney Stuckey Detroit 5 12 22
Carl Landry Houston 1 16 18

Other players receiving votes, with point totals (first place votes): Joakim Noah, Chicago, 17 (1); Yi Jianlian, Milwaukee, 13; Nick Young, Washington, 10 (2); Mike Conley, Memphis, 8 (1); Corey Brewer, Minnesota, 3 (1); Sean Williams, New Jersey, 3; Glen Davis, Boston, 3; Julian Right, New Orleans, 2; Jared Dudley, Charlotte, 2; Acie Law, Atlanta, 1; Javaris Crittenton, Memphis, 1; Aaron Brooks, Houston, 1; Wilson Chandler, New York, 1; Daequan Cook, Miami, 1.

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Smush Parker to Make Debut in Atlanta

Posted by: JamFan on Thursday/March 13/2008 - 11:12 AM
Clipper News 
Smush was signed for the rest of the season but with only about 20 games to go it amounts to two 10 day contracts. The other players that the Clippers have signed to 10 day contracts really haven't played very much. Barrett was not offered a second contract to make room for Smush. Nick Fazekas was offered a second opportunity but hasn't played very much. So, will it be different with Smush?

After Smush passed his physical, it was reported that he was headed to Atlanta to join the team for a couple of days of practice before Friday nights game against Atlanta. Before his nightmare in Miami, he was coming off his best two years as the starting PG with the Lakers where he averaged 11 PPG while shooting 44% from the field and 36% from the 3. He was 9th in the NBA in steals and 8th in the NBA in the steals to turnover ratio. He brings size and quickness to the Clippers. He is also a lot more athletic that our current crop of PG's and will bring a little show to an offense that currently is stagnant and boring while the team plays out the string this season.

So, what is the rap against Smush. He is actually a nice guy but has been a head case at times. But I watched him play over 100 games with the Lakers and his reputation is his lack of defense because he can not stay in front of the fastest PG's when they explode with the first step. Smush is quick and quick enough to always be a steals leader, so what is the problem. My thought has always been that he shouldn't crowd the fast PG's out high and back up a half a step giving himself more room to move side to side. It is a containment stategy. If he can solve this one aspect of his game he can actually help any team. He can run the break, shoot from the outside, make athletic plays, and be fun to watch. He came out of the school yards playing the "show" game.

After this road trip Smush will return to Staples Arena and it will be Deja Vu all over again, just in a different uniform. Smush is not likely to be our starting PG next season. But if it works out he could be a valuable back up as a combo guard available to play the 1 and the 2. Go Smush.....this is your last chance Buddy. Don't mess it up!


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Family Fued - Dunleavy Goes Off on Sterling

Posted by: JamFan on Wednesday/January 23/2008 - 10:49 AM
Clipper News 
In explosive comments by Coach Dunleavy yesterday, he dared Owner Donald Sterling to fire him. Mike Dunleavy came out swinging, telling Donald Sterling, you want to make a change in coaches, "Be my guest. It would be the biggest mistake you ever made."

He then went on to proclaim that it was Sterling who nixed two trades last summer that would have improved the team. One trade was Corey Maggette, whose contract is expiring this summer anyway with no guarantee you can sign him, for Jason Terry. Sterling is in love with Maggette so, No Deal.

Dunleavy also wanted to sign former San Antonio free-agent guard Beno Udrih, but the Clippers' bean counter, Andy Roeser, decided Udrih wasn't worth the money it would take to sign him. Beno is one of the most improved players this season, so that was a poor judgement. The problem seems to be that I have always felt that the reason the Clippers have drafted so poorly in past years has been because Sterling was meddling in player personnel matters. That is a problem because Sterling isn't a basketball man. And when you have bean counters instead of basketball people making player decisions, you have a big problem. I wonder if that same bean counter has noticed how badly ticket sales are and TV ratings. The loss of revenue this year must be astounding. It seems evident to me that is the reason that everybody's tempers are so short.

Elgin Baylor and Coach Dunleavy are always going to be a better judge of horse flesh that a real estate investor. Now that Sterling has meddled in the job that he supposedly gave to Coach Dunleavy, and that is to make player and drafting decisions, he wants to cry about how things are not working out. Two days ago in an interview he complained about the job Dunleavy and Baylor were doing and Baylor was apparently on the other end of the room. He went on to say if things didn't get better and they didn't make the playoffs this season, changes would be made, suggesting that Dunleavy or Baylor could be gone. Dunleavy implied again yesterday that Sterling just doesn't know what he is talking about and doesn't know basketball by saying that the Clippers would have to go 34 -10 the rest of way to make the playoffs which is not a practical thought under the current circumstances. "Where we are today as far as making the playoffs, nobody in their right mind would bet on that."

As far as future decisions on player personnel matters, "You give me the budget," Dunleavy said, "and I'm going to be OK with it. I'm not asking anyone to go to the luxury tax." "But if we gather information and put deals in place that I think benefit the team and somebody who is not in basketball operations disagrees with it, sorry, you've just taken it out of my hands."

So, the the family fued begins. The battle lines have been drawn. The only way this can be fixed is by Sterling getting out of the way. I have not always been sure about Coach Dunleavy's decisions on drafting, trades and free agent signings, but now I am not so sure those decisions were Dunleavy's to make on his own. But one thing is for sure, Dunleavy knows more about players than Sterling and the bean counter. Putting a good team together is hard enough without having to get the approval of the owner and FO people who have no clue.

Jam Fan

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Wang The All Star MVP

Posted by: JamFan on Tuesday/January 22/2008 - 10:45 AM
Clipper News 
Wang Zhi Zhi was the first Chinese player to be drafted into the NBA, but his career never took off like Yao Mings did. He played for 4 different teams including the Clippers, and last played for Miami during the 05 season. He shot 48% from the field and 66% from the 3, but they didn't play him very much. So he returned to China where he seemingly is suddenly hitting his stride. At 7'1" tall, and at age 30, he still seems to have game. Or rather is it that he is finally finding his game

He was honored as the MVP of the All Star Game where he scored 26 points on 7 of 8 from the 3. This was after he had just placed second in the 3 Pt shooting contest during All Star weekend. One scout said, if he shoots the 3 and hits the 3, there just isn't much you can do about it.


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Paul Davis Out for the Season with Torn ACL

Posted by: david on Sunday/December 23/2007 - 03:19 AM
Clipper News 
Man oh man- this is crazy. Poor Paul Davis is out for the season with a torn ACL in his knee. Let's all wish Paul a speedy and full recovery. Here's the skinny from the Times:

An MRI exam in Los Angeles on Saturday performed by team physician Dr. Tony Daly revealed the extent of the injury.

He sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament, a stabilizing ligament within the center of the knee, and also tore his lateral meniscus, cartilage around the knee. He is scheduled to meet with Daly again Monday and his surgery will probably take place within 10 days, once the swelling in his leg subsides.

"He has worked hard and this was the year he was getting an opportunity to play and the last couple of games he was playing well for us," Coach Mike Dunleavy said. "Hopefully, he has a speedy recovery and bounces back."

Rehabilitation usually takes six months for a torn ACL, which would put Davis on track to return for summer league. Trainer Jasen Powell said he talked to Davis on Saturday and said his spirits were high.

"Once he found out the extent of the injury, he kept his same calmness," Powell said. "He was a hard worker before the injury and I don't expect anything to change."

Davis, a second-year forward from Michigan State, averaged 2.5 points and 2.1 rebounds in 22 games, but was coming into his own recently, scoring 10 points twice in the last seven games. He said his confidence was growing with more playing time and he even called for the ball in the first quarter of Friday's game before nailing a jump shot.

Read the entire story

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