Lakers deserve to collapse

Posted by: david on 07/13/2004 - 02:11 AM

[excerpt] So many failures, so little solace found in the sparkle of a championship ring. There's only one fitting end to this story, and that's Bryant leaving the Lakers, too. Before a jury of his peers begins deciding his fate in Colorado, Bryant should set up that post-trial freedom he swears he deserves by seizing the best available job offer.

That would be from Donald Sterling's world-famous Clippers.

For shamelessly catering to every Bryant whim, the Lakers deserve a starting lineup of Odom, Butler, Grant, Gary Payton and Kareem Rush. Bryant ended up with the Lakers on an agent's bluff Arn Tellem told New Jersey's John Calipari his client would run an Elway-esque scramble from the Nets if they drafted him so why not leave them on an agent's ploy? Rob Pelinka, Tellem's lieutenant, could transfer Bryant to the Clippers at a loss of $40 million like he expects to transfer Carlos Boozer from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Utah Jazz at a gain of $28 million.

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Re: Lakers deserve to collapse
by Miquel on 07/13/2004 - 03:29 AM

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In fact, if Kobe comes to the Clippers in my opinion the Lakers would be the worst western team...

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