Kobe stays with the Lakers

Posted by: david on 07/15/2004 - 12:17 PM

ESPN.com is reporting that Kobe has chosen to stay with the Lakers. This is pretty disappointing considering that he's a superstar and how hard the Clippers tried to get him. But it's a relief I think now the whole thing is over. So now the question is- what is the Clippers' contingency plan? Re-sign Q even though he told them not to match? Maybe even re-sign Q and sign Darius Miles?

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Re: Kobe stays with the Lakers
by Kenyetta on 07/15/2004 - 01:08 PM

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In the beginning, I never thought we had a chance at getting Kobe. But after all his requests, and his narrowing it down to the 2 LA's, I was like wow, we may get Kobe! Now I feel like he played with us, and I'm still not too confident about resigning Q to $50 mil. Maybe we should shop around.

Re: Kobe stays with the Lakers
by clipfan619 on 07/15/2004 - 01:39 PM

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i too am very sad ..but maybe this turns out for the better, who know the guy might land in perison, and then we would of been the bigger losers, as far as Q gose i dont know, Is their anyone alse better for the clippers, with all the money they have now. I am not sure if today was a set back for the clippers or what.. clippers need someone to keep their head up next season in the west or its gana be another long season.
Dam that kobe!!!

Re: Kobe stays with the Lakers
by david on 07/15/2004 - 03:05 PM

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Yeah it's hard to not feel like the Clippers got duped after all this. It seemed day after day the chances to improve, and then boom- nothing. They pretty much gave away Ely who certainly is not a bad player. Oh well time to move on..... Yeah I'm not so sure- is there anyone out there? Is Q too expensive at 50 mil for 6 years? And I'm surprised that no one has sign Darius yet. As for trades well unless I'm wrong Stephen Jackson just signed with his new team.... Mo Pete- I'm not sure- Q is probably better than him. There is a rumor that Vince Carter might wanna leave Toronto, but then I'm not exactly sure what the Clippers are willing up one or two of their core players to get him.

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