Marko Jaric

Posted by: clipperfan35 on 07/02/2001 - 12:31 AM

Has everyone forgotten about the Clippers draft pick last year, Marko Jaric? He is a prime star player in Europe. He is just like a Pike except he can finish off with a slam just like Iverson! We need him especially with his 3pt shooting now that zone defenses are allowed. I hope the Clips can get the contract deals with him.

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Re: Marko Jaric
by david on 07/02/2001 - 06:51 PM

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Okay even if the Clips get Jaric, where is his playing time going to come from? Don't get me wrong- I think he's probably a good player. But is he a better shooter than Pike? Believe me though Gentry will has his hands full big time trying to balance playing time for the exiting guys. But hey you never know- maybe he can come into training camp and shoot the lights out.

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