Clippers Set Opening Night Roster

Posted by: jamfan on 10/31/2005 - 04:38 PM

The Clippers today waived guard Yuta Tabuse it was announced by Vice President of Basketball Operations Elgin Baylor.

Tabuse signed as a free agent on September 15th and averaged 3.6 points, 3.0 assists, 1.43 steals and 14.3 minutes in seven games played during the preseason. Tabuse averaged 1.8 points, 1.0 rebounds and 4.3 minutes in four games with the Phoenix Suns during the 2004-05 season.

The Clippers roster now stands at 15 players, and is listed below.


Elton Brand,
Sam Cassell,
Daniel Ewing,
Anthony Goldwire,
Chris Kaman,
Yaroslav Korolev,
Shaun Livingston,
Corey Maggette,
Walter McCarty,
Cuttino Mobley,
Boniface N'Dong,
Zeljko Rebraca,
Quinton Ross,
James Singleton,
Chris Wilcox

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Re: Clippers Set Opening Night Roster
by david on 10/31/2005 - 05:57 PM

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Doh- that sucks- I was hoping that they would keep Tabuse. I guess they just signed Goldwire so maybe they felt bad about waiving him so fast like that. Oh well maybe they'll bring Tabuse back later.

Re: Clippers Set Opening Night Roster
by TGMosesVI on 10/31/2005 - 10:03 PM

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Yeah, I really hope so too. They wouldn't send Yuta to the D-league?

Re: Clippers Set Opening Night Roster
by david on 11/01/2005 - 01:02 AM

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Yeah they could've but that would mean that he would still be one of the 15 on the roster (albeit be "inactive"). So they had to cut somebody- so it was either Goldwire or him. It sounded like it came down to the final hour- here's Dunleavy's rational:

"We felt like if Sam was to go down we'd be dealing with Daniel Ewing and Yuta, two relatively inexperienced guys [at point guard]," Coach Mike Dunleavy said. "Is that a risk that we could take? We didn't think so."

Retaining Tabuse would have been a marketing coup for the Clippers. He has been featured on the cover of several magazines in his homeland and greeted enthusiastically by fans in Staples Center since signing with the Clippers in mid-September. Dunleavy, of course, was aware of the situation. But, "I was told, 'You've got to make a basketball decision.' This is about making the playoffs, and if it comes down to one game here or there, this [decision] was kind of important to us."

What he says makes some sense, but it's kind of based on too many what-if's. Plus it's based on the assumption on that Goldwire is better at running the team than Yuta- and I'm not so sure about that.

Re: Clippers Set Opening Night Roster
by Miquel on 11/01/2005 - 05:25 AM

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I think the same, too...If u want a veteran PG you have Cassell,isn't it?I haven't watched any tabuse's game but it seems that he could give more things than a player like goldi...but anyways the big preseason mistake is the non adquisition of Rodney White.If u look to clippers roster and you see the positions of 2-3 you only can cry...┬┐who will score in these positions if corey or cuttino get injured?nobody!Korolev?McCarty?Ross?These are names very poor for to be a playoff contender...rodney was da man and we have lost him in a stupid way...without any reason...I don't understand many things...I haven't read any clippers note explaining WHY we have waived rodney...any dunleavy's comment saying:"we have waived for that and that"...I hope that NDong plays some minutes cos I see him as another marginal clippers big men as NDiaye or ZiZi were...

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