Poll Results - Clippers Playoff Chances

Posted by: jamfan on 11/07/2005 - 12:17 PM

JamFan - You, the fans, voted heavily that the Clippers are going to make the playoffs. And after this weekends results, why not? Only 3% voted that they will miss, and those were Lakers fans. Moreover, only 6% voted them to the #1 seed, a position they currently hold as the only undefeated team in the Western Conference. The voting leader was the #5 seed at 27%, while #7 garnered 21% and #3 spot finished out with 15%.

So, here are my picks for the final seeds at the end of the season. It is actually hard to do this year with so many teams in transition and injuries to key players. Here goes!

#1 San Antonio - Tough choice. They added key free agents to a championship roster.

#2 Houston - TMac is out but when he comes back they will come together and finish strong.

#3 LA Clippers - Yeah, I believe. They will win close games against top teams and blow out the weak sisters. Maggette and Livingston haven't even played yet.

#4 Dallas - If chemistry doesn't develope they could drop. Might be inconsistant.

#5 Phoenix - Amare might be gone for the season. If he comes back late, it could be to late.

#6 Seattle - Did not improve roster, others got stronger. Coaching change could be a problem.

#7 Sacramento - Changes at key positions, but if chemistry developes they have enough.

#8 LA Lakers - Roster is actually weaker on paper, but Phil Jackson has them actually playing better and some players are stepping up. Bench is question mark. So far, Kobe is a better player this season than last.

After San Antonio there is alot of parity from #2 to #8. There will be alot of teams winning between 40 & 50 games. Moreover, the bubble teams, Denver, Memphis, Minnesota, and Golden State are all very capable of making into the top 8. Only Utah, New Orleans and Portland seem to be teams who would have to improve greatly before being considered for the playoffs. JamFan

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Re: Poll Results - Clippers Playoff Chances
by david on 11/07/2005 - 02:09 PM

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Wow- #3? We'll see- but I think it's possible. The biggest problem has always been winning road games- and this upcoming road trip will be a real test to see if they're for reals.

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