How Did We Lose This Game?

Posted by: jamfan on 11/27/2005 - 06:23 PM

JamFan - OK, we are at Home. We shoot 47% from the field, 43% from 3 Pt range, and hit 92% of our free throws. We had 5 starters in double figures. We out rebounded them 44 - 42, and had twice as many blocks shots. We were only a couple assists short 16 - 18, but we turned the ball over 17 times to their 9.

Since neither team made it to 100, Lawlers Law didn't come into play. That's a pretty good line to end up with a loss. Chris Kaman even had one of his best efforts of the season with 18 Pts. 12 rebs and 3 blocked shots.

We lost a 9 point lead twice, but were still in a postion to win very late in the 4th quarter. The Clippers went on a 10 - 2 run capped by a Mobley jumper with 1 minute to play, but it wasn't enough. Sometimes, a seasoned playoff team, just beats you. They hold you off at crunch time. You have to do everything right to beat them. That one stat, tunrovers, led the Pacers to getting 84 shots to the Clippers 70. Great shooting percentages don't help you if you are not shooting enough

So, the Clippers have lost 2 consecutive games for the first time this season. But, we knew by looking at the schedule, that this would be the stretch where we find out if they are real or not.

We'll have to see if they can pick themselves up and bounce back Tuesday night against the Timberwolves on the road. The game will be televised on Fox Sports Net 2 at 5 PM Pacific. Keep the Faith! JamFan

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Re: How Did We Lose This Game?
by TGMosesVI on 11/28/2005 - 06:10 PM

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Yes, our team has always had a problem with turnovers.

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