Who Will It Be, Ron Ron Or Spree?

Posted by: jamfan on 01/03/2006 - 09:05 AM

ALERT- CLIPPERS WAIVE HOWARD EISLEY - CLEAR A ROSTER SPOT - COULD MAKE A MOVE...... At least the press is paying attention to the Clippers. They are currently a big part of the NBA rumor mill. It could be because of their successful start, or the fact that Elgin Baylor no longer operates with both hands tied behind his back.

So todays media reports include the prospect of the Clippers being in a good position of trading for Ron Artest without giving up oft-injured Corey Maggette. Corey is off the table despite his average of playing in only 59 games per season.

If the deal goes down, it will most likely include Chris Wilcox and one other asset, like a draft pick or Daniel Ewing. I am not happy if the draft pick is a first rounder. Moreover, I think the Ewing has a very bright future. It is easy to forget that Ewing is a rookie that probably should not even be playing at the level he currently enjoys. He is equally effective at the one and the two, just like in his college days.

Because the Clippers are suffering with Corey hurt and Q Ross out, they have a back up plan that involves Latrell Sprewell. Apparently, they have asked his buddy and former teamate, Sam Cassell, to contact him and talk about his joining the Clippers. To get Spree they do not have to give up anybody, all they have to do is spend a little money. Teams have offered Spree the veterans minimum (1.1 mil, I think) but he is asking 3 million. Another report speculates that the Clips might bring back Rodney White.

So, there you have it. Help is on the way. But none of these options are a done deal, nor are they a guarantee of making things better. It's probably why the Clippers are slow to pull the trigger. JamFan

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Re: Who Will It Be, Ron Ron Or Spree?
by eleclipper on 01/03/2006 - 03:32 PM

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The clippers just waives howard eisley which might be another sign toward a artest trade or siging of another player

Re: Who Will It Be, Ron Ron Or Spree?
by LAC_12 on 01/03/2006 - 06:48 PM

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we need Wilcox. WE CANT LET HIM GO! Im sorry but i dun think kaman could put this all on himself, especially with Z out. Nor artest nor white could replace him. i think Wilcox can be very very effective with descent minutes. And the staff do need to work on him. His defense need a little help on, even though i do notice he is very active on D now. And how he collects his rebounds. Ive noticed that Wilcox goes out of bounds and tries to push himslef inner. it is very hard to have position and timing for boards. so if they can just do that, Wilcox will be the player that will aid htem dearly. If we dont Wilcox WILL Shine on another team, and we will look in regret!

Re: Who Will It Be, Ron Ron Or Spree?
by Miquel on 01/04/2006 - 01:07 AM

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One vote for Rodney White!!!I don't like Spree and I don't like Artest...Both have mental problems...so the only guy healthy available is Rodney...Artest must go to the psiquiatric and Spree deserves nothing after saying last season that he couldn't admit the 7 million dollar proposition made for the Wolves because he had to "take care" of his kids...

Re: Who Will It Be, Ron Ron Or Spree?
by Miquel on 01/04/2006 - 06:52 AM

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Rodney White has signed for Ricoh Manresa from Spain.I can't understand that a guy with his talent doesn't interest any NBA franchise.Anyways he will be playing here in Spain and I could enjoy his game...I will have you informed about his first stats and shape when I could see him...

It seems that there are only two names...ron and latrell...two ugly names...

Re: Who Will It Be, Ron Ron Or Spree?
by TD on 01/06/2006 - 05:33 PM

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I noticed Marcus Fizer is starting to look strong in the Clips D-League team - Austin Toros. Here's his last few games ...


Date _____ REB ____ AST ____ ST ___ BL ____ TO ____ PTS
11/25 _____ 9  _____ 1  _____ 2  _____ 0  _____ 5  _____ 21 
11/26 _____ 7  _____ 2  _____ 0  _____ 0  _____ 1  _____ 15 
12/4 ______ 6  _____ 2  _____ 1  _____ 0  _____ 6  _____ 15 
12/10 _____ 9  _____ 2  _____ 0  _____ 1  _____ 0  _____ 17 
12/11 _____ 4  _____ 1  _____ 2  _____ 2  _____ 2  _____ 20 
12/23 _____ 8  _____ 3  _____ 2  _____ 0  _____ 1  _____ 20 
12/28 _____ 10  ____ 2  _____ 1  _____ 0  _____ 4  _____ 25 
12/30 _____ 2  _____ 3  _____ 0  _____ 0  _____ 3  _____ 10 
12/31 _____ 12  ____ 6  _____ 1  _____ 0  _____ 2  _____ 22 
12/3 ______ 9  _____ 4  _____ 0  _____ 0  _____ 2  _____ 29 
12/5 ______ 5  _____ 9  _____ 0  _____ 1  _____ 1  _____ 16 

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