Kevin Garnett To Join Clippers This Summer?

Posted by: jamfan on 02/28/2006 - 08:30 AM

Some sports writers crack me up. It could be that I write some things that crack you up as well. But consider an article just published in the Chicago Tribune.

The story revisits all the speculation that KG's days in Minnesota are numbered and that a trade to LA this summer is the most likely scenario. New York is also mentioned as a possible destination. New York has assets to trade, but overpriced assets. And with KG buying a home in Malibu last summer, coupled with the fact that he may be able to control his destination, leads many to believe he is coming here. However, most stories lead to the Lakers pairing KG with Kobe Bryant. The only problem is, the Lakers do not have much to trade for KG that anybody would want, even for lesser players much less a franchise player like KG.

Which leads the Chicago sportwriter to speculate that the Clippers might be his new home. We do have more assets to work with. But then the writer shows his ignorance or arrogance (or whatever) by proposing the Clippers would trade Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, Shaun Livingston and a 1st round draft pick for KG.

Hey, I love KG. He is one of my favorite NBA players, and I think that the Clippers could get to a championship with him on board. But not after gutting the team to trade for him. Most Clipper fans (and Clipper management) would stall at trading EB for KG straight up. Stats this year show that EB is a better player than KG. It is doubtful such a trade would improve the team very much, if at all. It could even hurt.

A more likely trade would center around the often injured Corey Maggette, Cat Mobley, and a first round draft pick. We will have to give up alot to get him and we would need the salaries of Mobley and Maggette to begin to equalize KG's immense contract.

Could you imagine a front line of EB, KG, and the Kaveman. Couple that with the outside shooting of Radmanovic, Cassell, Korolev, Livingston, and Ewing, and you potentially have a team that could go all the way. Not to mention there will be a coveted free agent that just might want to join this squad to get a ring.

OK, we are just dreaming right. If my dream doesn't fit yours, or you have a better package to suggest in a trade for KG, you know what to do. Click comments below and sound off.


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Re: Kevin Garnett To Join Clippers This Summer?
by david on 02/28/2006 - 11:40 AM

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That would be an amazing front line, but after the trade the backcourt would pretty much be decimated, so I'm not so sure. Maybe KG for Kaman , Mobley, Korolev, and a first round draft pick?

Re: Kevin Garnett To Join Clippers This Summer?
by jlemmen43 on 03/01/2006 - 07:00 AM

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We dont need KG. This team will win a ring next year for sure, maybe even this year, you just never know. But we have enough weapons now that we've stocked up, and I hope they keep Cat. There's no reason besides money to get rid of him.

Re: Kevin Garnett To Join Clippers This Summer?
by clippernation on 05/04/2006 - 11:26 AM

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The site is I made a typo on the last post. If you are an Angels fan, go to this site.

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