Baby Shaq Scouting Report

Posted by: jamfan on 09/05/2006 - 12:07 PM

After watching Baby Shaq in the Worlds, JamFan's scouting report says they should bring him over to the NBA now. Problem is a roster spot. With 14 players apparently signed, the only contract I am not sure of is Vin Baker's, who now seems less needed with the signing of Aaron Williams and Paul Davis. Moreover, if Baby Shaq took Vin Baker's spot, that would leave Guillermo Diaz going to Italy, which is where most reports say he's heading anyway.

Sofo is ready, not because he is a polished prospect, just a better one over a year ago. He is ready because he is physically ready. When I read the reports of his weight, I assumed he was to fat and out of shape. Wrong. He looks a little chubby, but his upper body strength might be the strongest I have ever seen in the NBA. He can literally drag NBA players to the hoop. Lebron James looks like a little high school boy standing next to him. Moreover, when he runs the break with Greece, he is often the first player down the floor. On the high pick and roll, he rolls quickly with much agility, and displays really soft hands receiving quick passes in traffic and putting the ball on the floor as he drives to the hoop.

He hit 80% from the floor the last 5 games, but most of his shots were dunks or close to the rim. If he has another shot, he didn't get a chance to show it because nobody was able to stop him going to the hoop. Elton looked helpless. So did everyone else. He shoots hooks and jump shots in warmups with a certain amount of style. His free throw shooting form is better than Shaq's but the result is about the same. He looks like he could be a 65% shooter from the line someday. When he is going to the hoop on a fast break or on a roll, the opposition kind of gets out of the way. No reason to get hurt.

While he's prowling the middle of the defense, you can't help be reminded of Shaq. Losing weight would help his leeping abilities for blocked shots, but he is quick to rotate and help clog the middle. In one game he had 3 fouls, and trust me, they were intimidation fouls. Fouls that said don't bring that stuff in here or you just might get hurt. On one play Carmelo Anthony was driving to the hoop and Baby Shaq stepped out to draw the charge. It was ruled a block, but when Carmelo ran into Baby Shaq, he bounced all the way back to the free throw line. It was actually funny to watch.

He was the darling of the press. Everyone wrote favorable articles about Baby Shaq. When Greece turned the game around in the second quarter against team USA, it was Baby leading the way. TV commentators often wondered what the Clippers were waiting for. Elton probably wondered when he will hear Baby Shaq, while in a Clipper uniform, softly saying, "Don't worry big fella, I got your back."


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Re: Baby Shaq Scouting Report
by david on 09/07/2006 - 02:08 PM

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He seems to command double-teams, which would be a very valuable attribute for the NBA. Even if the Clippers don't have a spot for him maybe he could be a trade bait in a package w/ other player(s) for an All-Star caliber player.

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