The ANSWER is Out There...

Posted by: Benoit_Benjamin on 12/09/2006 - 12:00 AM

so the question must be asked.

Should the Clippers make a run at Allan Iverson? Los Angeles has to be the most disappointing team in the league at the moment. This team had such high expectations coming into the season, not only from themselves, but from national media outlets. Sitting at .500 after 18 games should be considered a failure to this point. Maybe a major shake-up will kick-start the Clippers into playing winning basketball.

Aquiring Allen Iverson would definitely be considered a major shake-up. Yes, it is a risk. Thus far, the Clippers have not played team ball. Adding what some feel is a "selfish player" could add to this problem.However, at this point, from what we've seen from the Clippers, this may be a risk we have to take.

Allen Iverson would provide instant offense. He would cause other teams to focus a lot of attention towards him, giving the other players on the team many more opportunities to succeed. Yes, he shoots alot. However, having two horses like Elton Brand and Chris Kaman to pull down those rebounds for easy rebounds may prevent this from being a bad thing. Also, the Lakers are getting a lot of the press around Los Angeles, considering the difference between how the two teams are playing at the moment. Trading for Iverson would put the Clippers at an equal level.

Now for the bad news...what would it take to get him? In the summer it was reported that the Sixers would have traded Iverson to the Clippers in a second if the package included Shaun Livingston and Corey Maggette. Throw in Zeljko Rebraca and the salaries match up. While this senario means that we give up two young players with All-Star potential, we get one player who already is an All-Star. Now may be the time to trade potential for the now.

The Clippers could even try to expand the trade so that Philly will include a player like Andre Iguodala. That way, Iverson steps in for Livingston and Iguodala could step in for Maggette. Of couse, the Clippers would have to expand their package to do this, throwing in a young player (Korolev) and a number 1 pick or the rights to the big Greek center (Baby Shaq).

Why would the Sixers be willing to throw Iguodala in the mix? When a player demands a trade from a team, that team loses some of it's leverage. Philly may want to get rid of Iverson as soon as possible. Another factor is that there's not many teams that could afford Iverson. There's even less that have young players that the Sixers would want. Boston is a possibility, as they tried to trade for Iverson during the summer. But would the Sixers be dumb enough to trade Iverson to a team in the Eastern Conference, much less their own division? I don't think so. Denver was also mentioned in some rumors. But that was before Kenyon Martin went down. Now, they would have a tough time dealing one of their big men, along with Andre Miller for Iverson. Teams like Atlanta, Chicago, and Minnesota have also been mentioned. However, Atlanta and Chicago are in the same conference and I don't think Minnesota has the parts.

Desperate times call for drastic measures. While the Clippers would be giving up a lot, one has to realize that to get something of value, one has to give up something of value. I would much rather take a chance, then to have the Clippers keep playing this way and wondering where they are going to end up picking in the draft lottery. Right now, the Clippers have a lot of questions...but is it enough to seek the ANSWER? I say yes!

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Re: The ANSWER is Out There...
by MattThePirate on 12/09/2006 - 02:19 AM

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I can't imagine the Clippers being that short sighted but I suppose anything is possible.

Re: The ANSWER is Out There...
by TGMosesVI on 12/09/2006 - 05:00 AM

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From what I hear the Nuggets and T-Wolves have put together the best trade packages for AI. They're also located in the Western Conference, so there won't be any infighting. From the Nuggets you have Andre Miller, JR Smith, Joe Smith, some expiring contracts, and a few draft picks. However, I don't think the Nuggets need someone like AI. They already have a go to scorer in Carmelo. If the Nuggets were to pull off this trade they better win quick -- I don't see that franchise going anywhere with the bloated contracts of Kenyon, Carmelo, and Nene (an now AI)

I don't know if I can part with Livingston though.

Re: The ANSWER is Out There...
by Miquel on 12/09/2006 - 05:40 AM

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I wouldn't make this trade...AI is a great player but needs too much shots to be happy.On the other hand he's a winner so he has the right mentality.Anyways we can get a better package for Corey and Livi

Re: The ANSWER is Out There...
by david on 12/09/2006 - 02:14 PM

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I wouldn't trade for Iverson- the Clippers needs a shooter but Iverson is more of a scorer who needs to put up shots in high volume. It seems that the Clippers are not interested according today's LA Times article- here's the excerpt that says it:

The Clippers are not interested in acquiring Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson, a team source said.

There has been speculation that the Clippers would be among the teams in the bidding for the disgruntled All-Star, but Iverson's style of play and contract would not be a good fit with the Clippers, the source said.,0,2762170.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-clippe

Re: The ANSWER is Out There...
by Clipper_Nation on 12/09/2006 - 03:31 PM

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We don't need no Artificial Intelligence we need to improve our own intelligence a.k.a. DECISION MAKING. GO CLIPS!

Re: The ANSWER is Out There...
by TGMosesVI on 12/09/2006 - 06:55 PM

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True. I think you see a lot of teams moving away from the scoring point guard to a more traditional point guard. Look at the mold set forth by Steve Nash and CP3. What the Clippers need is a SG not a PG. They already have two great ones in Cassell and Livingston

Re: The ANSWER is Out There...
by LAC_12 on 12/12/2006 - 09:28 PM

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NO, NO, No, no.... Corey Maggette needs to stay, as well as Livingston. Livingston will get there and Maggette is the only reason the Clips arent worse than 500. As far as EB and Kaman grabbing boards AI throws up.... No again. EB is no MVP this year, and Kaman....???..... Enough said, don't make me laugh. Paul Davis is playing better than Kaman, SO FAR. If there is a trade for AI and Dunleavy Id take it though. Mike is not a good coach people, look at his resume.. Its MEDIOCORE. and lately, he does not know his team and his substitutionas are WAYY off. I can blame a lot of the teams unsuccesfulness to him. Let him go and coach his gay ass kid. If Clippers had a good Coach the team would be moving places and TRUST ME. LIVINGSTON WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER. Dunleavy says he will put it together, but the 21 year old needs a coach, A REAL ONE. Now these are strong opinions, extremist (maybe), But look at where the f+++ we are!!!

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