MD no work for Me

Posted by: LAC_12 on 12/18/2006 - 02:47 PM

People of Clipper nation. I love you. We trully are the best fans in the NBA. I love my team, we love our team. Only true fans can love a team as we do. But like society, a team is represented by something. Society is represented by gov. ---> Clippers represented by Dunleavy. MD sucks. Clippers are messing up big time. Let him go and coachj his sorry ass son, and pay those big bucks to a worthy coach.

Clippers are making right moves of signing people. And paying big bucks, and are determined to thier players and everything. But we have been so bad at that (determination) that we are messing up. 52 mil to KAMAN. im screaming What the Duck, no Luck, Buck, no F..... Kaman is not "one fo teh best centers in the league". in fact, that sorry guy needs to be dropped in the NBDL (for his own good). and then theres the re-sign of Dunleavy. If you are going to be committed to your team and coach, grab a coach that is well qualified. Whats wrong with MD? a lot of things, he really hasnt done well in his career. He has been given a good squad and enjoyed a ride, that was until the team actually wanted to get somewhere (then he was replaced). Biggest problem about Dunleavy is he has a strict oldschool system that doenst fit well with the team. He gets mad with the wrong players (cough, cough Wilcox and recently Maggette). He plays favorites (BIGGTIME, a major problem). and the only other problem bigger than paying favorites is: He does not knwo how to substitute. His timing is off, he sits people that are hot, subs in people that are on thier off day. He doesnt knwo how to give directions that are effective. He NEEDS TO LEAVE. well everyone can smell a trade coming, hopefully the organization does not get punked.

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Re: MD no work for Me
by jlemmen43 on 12/18/2006 - 07:46 PM

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Hmm...I guess I have no right to comment on how Dunleavy coaches cuz I never get to watch a game. But what you're saying is interesting. And if he is the problem, obviously he needs to leave. But what will be the ramifications of firing him?

As far as Kaman, I'm halfway with ya on what you said. He does irk me. And I never get to see the Clips play, so I'm not quite sure how he plays. But I did see them at Milwaukee two years ago and Kaman was the least impressive player on the team. If he had played just a bit better that game, the Clips would have won. But he didn't. He looked clumsy, nervous and uncoordinated. Now that WAS two years ago. And I believe the fact that he came from Central Michigan is a big reason he has weak confidence. I dont know this...but did they even make the Tournament while he played there? Fact is: Players whom winning is a habit for, usually win given the right circumstances. I dont think winning has been a habit for Chris since high school. I could be wrong. If we could somehow get Aaron Gray from Pitt in next year's draft, I would replace Kaman with him lightning fast.

Kaman is what we got now. I believe we shouldn't have extended his contract until the year was over. Cuz now he's sitting pretty with the money and the pretty much guaranteed starting job, leaving no burning desire to play his heart out.

I'd really wouldnt mind having Iverson on this team, because he is a winner and plays full-throttle basketball. I dont think its gonna work out though, but if Kaman showed the heart that AI shows, we'd be one step closer to dominating. As for Dunleavy. I hope your wrong about him, but you could be very right.

No matter the outcome, I'll always cry: GO Clips!!!

Re: MD no work for Me
by clipperfan909 on 12/18/2006 - 08:20 PM

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Mike Dunleavy may not be the best coach ever, but you got to admit he's turned things around ever since he's got here. Did you think Elgin Baylor all of a sudden figured out how to be a GM? That was all Dunleavy. Even before he got to the Clippers he made an impact by saying that he won't sign a deal unless Elton Brand stays. And all the moves that came after were all him. Now just because we're playing bad right now, doesn't mean we all of a sudden got to get rid of him. Don't forget that great season we had last year. I think the real problem is team chemistry. Sam Cassell was leading the way last year, but he's not as young as he used to be and can't play as many minutes which prevents us from having that court leadership that we were so familiar with last year. However, it does allow Livingston to come out into his own. Tim Thomas was thrown into a mix that just got used to each other and now needs to get used to him. The whole Corey Maggette deal isn't helping anyone. And the injuries suffered by Kaman hurt our front court, and thus, put a lot of pressure on Brand. How do you fix this problem? Well of course time heals all, these guys got to get used to having Shaun as their primary point guard, having Tim Thomas be a regualar contributor, and of course getting rid of Maggette. Don't get me wrong, I love maggette and always will, but if he wants to go, we got to trade him for someone that wants to stay.

Re: MD no work for Me
by JamFan on 12/19/2006 - 08:52 AM

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Well I happen to think that MD is in fact Dumleavy. He often has brain farts while coaching this team. He makes rookie mistatkes that a coach of his experience should never make. But he just signed a long term extension so we are stuck with him and his "old Chicago Bulls, slow down, never fast break offense." But the biggest problem right now is we as a team can not shoot outside anymore and are about the lowest in the league beyond the arc at 29%. Teams are packing it in down low and making life tough on Elton and Kaman because they do not fear our outside shooting. Look for the Clippers to trade Magetter for a player like VladRad or Kyle Korver. Shooting is contagious and we need to get infected. JamFan

Re: MD no work for Me
by Benoit_Benjamin on 12/20/2006 - 03:30 PM

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Just wondering if, in the future, we could require that LAC_12 has to submit his stories to his teacher to be proof-read before submitting them to be published??? This is one of his better written pieces, but it still takes me forever to read and figure out what's he's trying to say.

Anyway, I'm not a huge "Dumb-leavy" fan either. In fact, I think he cost them last year's playoff series against Phoenix. He tends to overcoach (subbing Daniel Ewing into game 5 in the last seconds) and I don't think his offense moves around enough to get good results. He's not a great judge of talent, based on him selecting Yaroslave Korolev with the 12th pick 2 years ago when guys like Danny Granger and Luther Head were around and would have done wonders for our 3-point shooting this year.

However, I don't think you should put the Chris Wilcox affair into the mix. LAC_12 needs to do some research and base his opinions on fact rather than fantasy. I know he was in love with Wilcox and argued that, if Dunleavy gave him the minutes, then he would become a great player. Well, he's playing a lot of minutes up in Seattle and he's averageing a whopping 12 points and 8 rebounds. I guess it's Bob Hill's fault that Wilcox won't be an All-Star this year!

As for Maggette, trade him as soon as possible. Now that the Clippers have blown the chance to get a once-in-a-generation player like Allen Iverson, hopefully they can get someone that will help the team battle for that 8th seed this year.

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