The Problem?

Posted by: LAC_12 on 12/21/2006 - 04:54 AM

Do you people want to know the problem to the Clippers unsucessfulness? It is quite simple. Dunleavy wants to leave. Kaman doesnt want to stay unless Dunleavy is here. Maggette wants out as long as Dunleavy is in. Its a twisted situation. Its like a magnet. All the people are same charges and are repeling each other.

Dunleavy wanted out, we forced his hand showing big bucks. Dunleavy stayed, that eased Kaman (what also eased Kaman was 52 fu*kin dollars). And Maggette is still under contract. Solution let Dunleavy go, let Kaman go, bring a good coach. Outcome? Cap space opens up. Use Tim T. at the C until another center is aquired. Clippers will barley make playoffs the way they are playing, not even. We cannot, as the clipper organization, force people to stay together by bribing them. We are WITNESSES TO THE OUTCOME. WE SUCK, WE ARE LOOSING. And thats that. we need to shape up people (and a note to people who go to games... DONT BOO YOUR OWN TEAM, we are thier only support, it does not help for them to hear BOOS from THIER OWN STANDS). I am angry too, probably more angry, but i dont dare Boo the team i stand by.

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Re: The Problem?
by Miquel on 12/21/2006 - 11:52 AM

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We are falling down without net...Anyways I still believe in Kaman

Re: The Problem?
by Benoit_Benjamin on 12/21/2006 - 01:30 PM

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Hmmmm....the reason for the Clippers problems is that Dunleavy wanted to leave? Interesting logic...makes no sense, but interesting I guess. If Dunleave really wanted to leave, he wouldn't have any trouble finding a new team to hire him next season. The NBA is so limited in their ability to field quality coaches that many teams would jump at the chance to hire a mediocre Mike Dunleavy.

As far as the Kaman contract...get over it!! Centers in this league, whether they are superstars or not, are pulling in at least $10 million a year. Chandler, Dalembert, Nene...they all have huge contracts. Are they worth it? No, but that's the league now a days. Players don't earn the money before it is offered to them. They sign the contract and people hope that they are going to be good enough to justify the big money. Players should have to prove their worth before signing these contracts but teams continue to throw money around like it's nothing. It's not right but that's the way it is.

In saying that, the Clippers blew a huge opportunity when they didn't sieze the chance to trade for Iverson. While he has a huge contract, at least he has shown that he deserves it (well, nobody really deserves the money that NBA players get, but you know what I mean). He's an all-star, has been to the NBA finals (with a team of nobodies), and draws fans like crazy (Denver sold over 300 season tickets in the first few hours after the trade was announced). The Clippers had a chance to make a big move, the ball was in their court (all they had to do was offer Livingston), and they dribbled the ball off their foot and out of bounds. Typical Clippers.

For all the talk about how things have changed in Clipper-land, things are pretty much the same. The Clippers are second fiddle to the Lakers. The Clippers tease their fans with one good season in which they make a run in the playoffs. Instead of sustaining that, they currently have the 8th WORST record in the league.

I have no problem with Clipper fans booing their team to show their dissatisfaction. I've been to about 10 games this year, and about double that last year. The Clipper fans have been overwhelmingly supportive of this team over the years. Most of those have been bad times. Last year was different and Clipper fans finally got a taste of success. We had high expectations this year. The team is not living up to those expectations and the fans have a right to be upset and let the team know that they are upset. Believe me, I see the fans at the games because I am one of them. We cheer and cheer, but when the team displays the lack of effort and are not working to reach their full potential, I hope the crowd continues to let them have it. Without that, fans are accepting what we see on the court. Are you happy with anything less than a full effort? Are you happy with mediocrity? Well I'm not and I'm not going to be a robot and accept this team's lack of effort. The boo's should continue until there is a change!

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