Boooooo.... yourself!

Posted by: LAC_12 on 12/22/2006 - 04:05 AM

When you choose your team, you like them and become a fan. A fan SUPPORTS ONES TEAM. If you fail to support a team then the team wont do as well. Now the Clipps posted a nice run last year, this year not so hot. As fans we need to be there to support our team. Clipper fans, in the staples center, suck. I dont care how much you love your team it doesnt mean much unless you go out and cheer your ass off. YOU BOO, by default, to BRING DOWN OPPONENTS. So wheres the logic in BOOing your own team? There is none, anyone who disagrees is wrong. Even if its a professional legue where the players are payed. "If you dont like a item, you return it" then you get your money back and buy another item. You dont like Clippers, dont pay to watch them, in fact go ahead and sup[port another team. We, in LA, have two teams so you DO have options. I would never dare to Boo my team.

Ipso Facto, you Boo a team that you WANT TO FAIL. So you BOO your team so they get thier act together? That is achived easily, DONT BUY TICKETS. If you dont buy tickets, the organization looses money. Last years sucess was due to the fact that the organization was not making money.
Another option, cheer for your team actually cheer. Its pathetic how Darell is the only one that can be heard, with the exeptions of the few that try to put together a defense. Instead of Booing the team, actually support them and trust me there will be change. The day we get as loud as a Laker game or PLayoff level is the day we will WIN and play at PO level.


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Re: Boooooo.... yourself!
by jlemmen43 on 12/22/2006 - 06:02 PM

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I have the balls to root for the Clippers !!!! LOL. I will be clapping and cheering when they play in Milwaukee.

I agree wholeheartedly LAC_12 !!

Re: Boooooo.... yourself!
by Benoit_Benjamin on 12/22/2006 - 07:31 PM

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LAC_12....just curious, how many Clipper games have you actually been to in the last few years? Because I've lived at Staples the last few years and, while Clipper fans are not nearly as loud as Laker fans (at least while the Lakers have become successful again), they still do a good job of cheering on their team. You make it sound as if the Clipper fans in the Staples center do nothing but boo their team and I can say that's not true from first hand experience. The only times that boo's come out of the crowd is when they see a lack of effort...a rebound falling between two players standing still, no defensive movement, lack of ball movement on offense. These are all effort and thinking areas; they have nothing to do with ability. So when fans see something that should be fixed, they let the players know.

As far as your statement about "last years sucess was due to the fact that the organization was not making money", nothing could be further from the truth. I would love to hear where you got this "fact" from. The Clippers have been among the leagues most profitable teams for years, mainly because they have always had a low payroll, play in a strong market, and get help from the other teams in the NBA. So Donald Sterling has been making plenty of money on the Clippers over the years, which is why people criticized him and said that he cared more about making money than putting a winning team together.

While the Clippers have invested more money into the team as of late, they are still near the bottom in tems of team payroll (number 25). The Lakers on the other hand are number 4, paying about $20 million more in salaries. The Clippers still draw a large number of fans to their games and even did so when they were in their down years.

So, in my opinion, last year's success had nothing to do with whether the team was making or not making money (and the fact is, they were making money!). It had to do with the fact that the Clippers played their butts off, Brand had a career year, and Cassell brought the leadership that was needed. Or maybe it was Walter McCarty being on the team last year...who knew that not bringing him back this year would have such a drastic effect. Maybe we should start the "Bring Back Walter" chants. : )

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