Looking For A Shooter?

Posted by: JamFan on 01/01/2007 - 03:00 PM


Do you see the need for a guy who can hit one from outside the arc on a regular basis? You say our lineup needs to add depth? Do you think we need to be hit ting shots from the outside so as to open things up inside for Kaman and Elton? So you want a outside shooter for the Clippers but you do not want to give up any current players to get one. Do you want to keep Corey Maggette in a Clippers uniform? Well here is a short list of Shooters who are either veteran free agents, in Europe, or in the D league. We might as well dream because the only thing it will cost us is Donald Sterling's money.

Right out of the gate there are some veteran outside shooters just waiting for a call. So let's immediately add to the list KEITH VAN HORN, NICK VAN EXEL, TONI KUKOC, VOSHON LEONARD AND JEFF MCGINNIS. Nicks knees won't take a lot of minutes but he would never play more than 20 MPG with the Clips anyway. Jeff is mostly a mid range jump shooter. Toni could play limited minutes like Nick. And Keith would be a good 6th man type of player and can hit the long bomb. Vashon is in great shape, and hit 106 3's for Denver as a starter 3 years ago.

Don't like any of those guys? OK, well there are a couple of bombers over in Europe that might fit the bill. THEO PAPALOUKAS is the Greek player that Team USA couldn't stop no matter who they assigned to guard him, and is currently hitting 67% from the floor as an outside bomber or CSKA Moscow . Is there anybody in the NBA hitting over 60% from long range? I don't think so. TONY DELK is spending his first season overseas with a power house Greek team and is averaging 12 points off the bench and hitting 43% from the 3.

Still not convinced any of the above can help? Do you think maybe there is a gem hiding in the D league. Well, KELENNA AZUBUIKE, a 6'5" shooting guard out of Kentucky is leading the D league in scoring with 27 PPG while hitting 51% and 49% from the 3. He is excellent from the free throw line and averages over 1 steal per game. He also gets over 5 rebounds per game, 3 assists and .58 blocks. The reports are he looks real good and his body is chisled (see pic above). Born in London England, after he came to the US, he scored over 40 points per game in high school. He also shot 49% from the field in college. Drafted by Houston, he was so young they used him little. He just turned 23 and is leading a poll that asks which player will be the first player to be brought up from the D league. And there are some pretty good players down there. He is just considered the best.

This list is just a short list. There are many other oppostunities our there. Do the Clippers have the vision to sign a free agent veteran shooter? Do they have the proper scouting reports to find that Euro player that could be their next shooter? Do they have the creative insight to see the future that Kelenna holds, or are they going to let some other team turn him into an All Star? Worse yet, will they take the easy way out and trade Corey Maggette for a proven shooter thereby not improving the depth we so desperately need? Lot of questions. We will have to wait and see how the Clippers answer them.


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Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by Miquel on 01/01/2007 - 06:04 PM

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Some names seem interesting, specially Azubuike.I saw him in the university and he was good...but if he's signed for the Rockets I supose it would be difficult.
Anyways I would like to update some things: if I'm not wrong Rush has just signed with a Lituanian team called Zalgiris Kaunas (Kenny Anderson,Rod Strickland,Sabonis).
Papaloukas is happy playing in Europe.If he's not playing in the NBA right now is simply because he doesn't want.
Delk is playing for a great team, Panathinaikos, where he plays a role player...He's an specialist shooter but he's at the end of his career.
Another name that always is talked about is Rodney Buford.He was released from the team he started the season with:Maccabbi Tel Aviv so maybe he's a free agent.I don't like him but you already know more :-)

Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by TGMosesVI on 01/02/2007 - 12:21 AM

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I guess Yaroslavl has no chance of developing. I thought he was drafted as an outside shooter... :/

Kukoc and Exel would be fun to watch -- it would be like a throwback to the good old times.

I want to rule out Jeff Mcginnis. I liked him when he was a Clipper, but that guy is poison. After seeing what he did the NJ I don't think he should play again.

Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by jlemmen43 on 01/02/2007 - 01:12 AM

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Yeah I wouldnt mind having the young guy from Kentucky. We wont solve many problems by just grabbing a shooter though, so thats why I think adding a young player wont hurt. Adding an old player is gonna be a waste more often than not. He may be able to shoot, but what else??

My opinion for the Clips: Keep the team together. Keep Maggette. At least for the rest of the season. If you have the chance to add a superstar SG or SF next year in free-agency or in a trade, do it. Otherwise, if the Clippers team (as it is) just continues to develop and believe in each other, they will be a championship contender every year for a while.

I too wanted a trade or something to fix our woes when it was going bad a few weeks ago, but this team cannot sacrifice what it has just for an opportunity to win NOW. This team is still very young, and just needs the patience and discipline that every championship team has had.

Three-point shooting wont win you an NBA championship, defense and hunger will.

But thanks JamFan for doing the research on these guys you listed.

Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by LAC_12 on 01/02/2007 - 11:51 AM

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good info. i would have to agree with jlemmen 43. look at the spurs last year, they prety much bombed it (especially in the beggining). Spurs were expected to be red hot, yet they came out weak (yet they got stronger towards the end). And now, this year, with the same familiar faces, they are a championship contending team again. All i am saying is Clipper fans dont get pulled into a hyperactive mode (becasue sometimes you tend to have short term sighting). HAVE PATIENCE CLIPPER NATION. we will do good this year, things will get MUCH better...

... especially if we had a better coach...

...but anyways be patient. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO THE CLIPPER NATION. the clips have made a new year's resolution (hopefuly), to WIN and look like that Clipper team last season. HEADS UP PEOPLE.

thanks for the great post jamfan

Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by JamFan on 01/02/2007 - 05:31 PM

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I went to a Clipper game very early one time, before the teams came out to warm up. On the floor was one Yaroslav Korolev with an assistant coach who rebounded for him so he could shoot outside jumpers. He shot about 100 shots that I saw from around the 3 point line and was hitting about 80% of them. And that was last year. He got 28 points in one preseason game this year when he got significant minutes. So, he can be effective at some level. But Coach won't play him unless it is garbage time. Coach has a very tight rotation. It is something I disagree with. I feel Sam is hurt because of to many minutes. The team is to tired to play defense in the final minutes because of to many minutes. Meanwhile, Singleton and others barely get to play.

Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by Miquel on 01/03/2007 - 03:39 AM

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It seems that Koro is a lost player for our organization...It hasn't been given opportunities to him so is a little dissapointing but it's something can happen when you draft a player that had never played with pros in Russia...There are other players who went to the draft without solid careers in Europe and we know his present: Tskitishvili,Lampe,Vujacic...

Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by JamFan on 01/03/2007 - 11:16 AM

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Saw a film clip last night of Kelenna in his first game, steal the ball, and go in for a break away Slaaaaam Dunk. I think we missed a good one. Too bad.

Re: Looking For A Shooter?
by TGMosesVI on 01/03/2007 - 07:36 PM

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I think that's the best course for the Clippers. Keep the team together, at least for the season and then try to land a superstar talent in the off-season.

Even if the Clippers don't make the playoffs this year, the 2007 Draft is going to be loaded with all-star talent. I just hope it doesn't come down to that.

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