Clipper Rumor: Clippers Interested in Point Guard Papaloukas

Posted by: david on 05/10/2007 - 03:52 AM

According to a recent story, CKSA point guard Theo Papaloukas has garnered some interest- including the Clippers. He'd be a great pickup if somehow the Clippers can convince him to sign with them. The guy is a proven performer, lead the Euroleague in assists, and is a deadly outside shooter. That's him in the picture there with the tongue sticking out. But it remains to be seen if he's interested in coming to play in the NBA- here's the story:

Although Theo Papaloukas turns 30 Tuesday, his representatives have let it be known that "three or four" NBA teams have expressed a strong interest in the CSKA guard. The Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks are said to be on the interested list.

But a feeling prevails on this side of the Atlantic that Papaloukas' agent might be attempting to drive up his value in Europe with such a tactic and that the limited playing time being experienced by a comparable fellow Euro who made the move at a similar age -- Golden State Warriors point Sarunas Jasikevicius -- actually will convince Papaloukas not to head across the Atlantic.

"He is 30 years old and doesn't want to play 82 games a season," says one scout familiar with the situation. "If he wants to play for five or six years more, that means another 480 games in the NBA or 250 games in Europe. And, actually, you are talking about an even bigger discrepancy because of the longer [NBA] games."

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Re: Clipper Rumor: Clippers Interested in Point Guard Papaloukas
by Miquel on 05/10/2007 - 03:26 PM

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He's a heck of a player but as I've read I doubt if he has any interest on coming to the USA...He's making a lot of money playing in Europe where he has been proclaimed as the best player in Euroleague and where he enjoys playing one-two games per week ...He plays as PG although he's bigger than an average PG...He plays as PG because of his intelligence.He's a proven winner and he can dominate a game without scoring, just passing and making his teammates better...I don't know if he can translate his European style game to the NBA...Jasikevicius was a great player in Europe but he STILL hasn't found his rythm in NBA...I say still because if he plays for a team where he could develop his game (Boston?), he could be a big weapon...There are great players in NBA that simply doesn't play because of the coach, or his selfconfidence...I'll give 2 examples: Pavlovic, Nachbar.Both were marginal players last year and it seemed that they were out of the NBA...and now:wow!they are playing big roles in their teams playing the PO...What I wanna say is that many times is all about SELFCONFIDENCE.

Re: Clipper Rumor: Clippers Interested in Point Guard Papaloukas
by david on 05/10/2007 - 07:26 PM

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Yeah I think it's a long shot too. We'll see what happens- if they want to get an agreement done they'd better do it by the draft. It'd be awesome if he comes to the Clippers.

I also agree that a lot of it's about confidence for these players. A lot of the confidence also comes from opportunity and hard work. Jasikavicius definitely doesn't have the confidence right now. I saw him play some minutes in some regular season games and he just looked so tentative.

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