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Posted by: david on 06/29/2007 - 08:42 PM

Here are some information I dug up from around the Net on Jared Jordan, the 2nd round selection by the Clippers last night in the 2007 NBA Draft:

From DraftExpress:

But the ability to run a team is certainly developed above the shoulders, and tends to translate over better than other tools. Jordan might be undersized and a step slow, but this week he proved once and for all just what a special point guard he was at Marist and will be as a professional. The first two games were run almost to perfection – Jordan handled more athletic defenders with relative ease, created basket after basket with crisp full court passing and dazzling looks from within offensive sets. While Jordan’s shooting percentages weren’t ideal at the NCAA level, that could have had a lot to do with his leading role. In this setting, he did a phenomenal job of picking his spots to look for his own. He didn’t light it up from the outside, but showed off improved form on his jumper and was deadly in the midrange. Almost never did he force the action, but was able to burn defenses that dared him to score quite easily. At the end of the day, he was as impressive as any point guard in the camp.

Everyone’s favorite draft prospect here in Orlando (at least amongst the media and staff members) had another solid outing in his final performance at the pre-draft camp, leading his team to its third straight win. Despite lacking an incredible first step, Jordan got into the paint again and again, utilizing terrific ball-handling skills, hesitation moves and crafty spins to force defensive rotations and find the open man instantaneously as soon as they freed up. He also did a nice job running the pick and roll, and pushed the ball up the floor when given the opportunity to do so. He’s an old-school player who doesn’t score a ton of points (really lacking a steady 3-point shot, a consistent pull-up mid-range jumper and a more reliable floater he can go to) but he did put some score some points late in the game when his team really needed a bucket. On one occasion he spun intelligently into the paint and leaned back for a very clutch Steve Nash-esqe fallaway jumper to put his team up by one.

Defensively, Jordan struggled a bit with the explosiveness of Dominic James, not really having the lateral quickness to stay in front of him. Most of the scouts we spoke with still didn’t come away convinced from the excellent showing Jordan had here at the pre-draft camp, citing his poor physical attributes (size, strength, athleticism) and the liability he might present as a defender, perimeter shooter and shot-creator late in the game or shot-clock. Still, it only takes one team to like you, and Jordan gave all 30 of them plenty of food for thought in his excellent week here.

From NBADraft.net:

Strengths: Has a lot of point guard abilities such as the ability to control tempo, great court vision, high basketball IQ and veteran leadership … Patient player who keeps his dribble alive instead of over-penetrating and forcing passes … Great standstill shooter from the perimeter who can convert when left open … Surprising rebounder despite his strength/athleticism for his position … Strong player who understands how to use his body to shield off defenders on drives to the basket … Pesky perimeter defender, thanks to his footwork and anticipation skills … Hustler who has no problem doing the dirty work like diving on the floor for loose balls … Constantly looks to push the ball up the court to ignite the fast break … Great decision maker with the ball in his hands … Plays the game with a great deal of intensity and determination … Has no problem handling most defensive pressure due to his calm demeanor … Has three point range on his jumper … Decent finisher on his drives to the basket and can finish with either hand … Does an excellent of distributing to open teammates … Weaknesses: Although decently quick, Jordan struggles to gain full separation from his defender … Inconsistent jump shooter who can go through big periods of hot/cold streaks …Could struggle to defend the NBA point guards due to his average lateral quickness …Not a great at shooting off the dribble or working off screens … Doesn’t have the body type that the NBA covets while listed at 6-2, could be shorter and lacks strength … To compound matters his arms aren’t long enough to make up for his average quickness … Has NBA range but lacks consistentcy to make 3s with regularity … Potential may be limited as he doesn’t appear to have very far to go before he reaches the ceiling … Can be a little turnover prone which to his credit is due in part to his team’s personnel as he is the only quality ball handler …

Nice SI.com Article: [excerpt] The legend of Jared Jordan From the time he saw a tiny kid whipping passes to men, the author knew he was watching a basketball prodigy. Now he is convinced Marist star Jared Jordan may be the next Steve Nash.
As for Jordan's personal hoop dreams, in April he signed with BDA Sports Management, and since then he's been working out under the supervision of agent Kevin Bradbury, getting ready for the predraft camp in Orlando and for workouts with individual teams. Bradbury anticipates nine or 10 of them. Rumors are that Phoenix, San Antonio, the Clippers, Detroit and Washington are in the mix.

BDA handles Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony, and a bunch of other marquee NBA stars. It also handles Taylor Coppenrath, Toby Bailey, and other one-time NBA hopefuls currently enjoying life in Europe. How good is Jared Jordan, really? In late February Chad Ford, the NBA draft analyst for ESPN, called Jared "an early second-round steal" who might even go late in the first round. "The dude," he wrote on his blog, "knows how to play."

"Jared Jordan will get a long hard look from the NBA," Fraschilla predicts. With his ability to run an offense, Fraschilla says, Jared could in fact turn out to be the next John Stockton. "Or he could be a great college point guard playing in Italy."

Jared Jordan Video Clips:

Nice Dish

Jared Jordan vs. Taurean Green in a workout for the Wizards

Cuts and makes a Layup

Makes a Nice Dish to an open teammate for a 3

College Stats

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He seems to have a cult following...frickin' awesome!! If this guy's the real deal, we win big time, if not, he was only a 2nd rounder.

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