Smush Parker to Make Debut in Atlanta

Posted by: JamFan on 03/13/2008 - 11:12 AM

Smush was signed for the rest of the season but with only about 20 games to go it amounts to two 10 day contracts. The other players that the Clippers have signed to 10 day contracts really haven't played very much. Barrett was not offered a second contract to make room for Smush. Nick Fazekas was offered a second opportunity but hasn't played very much. So, will it be different with Smush?

After Smush passed his physical, it was reported that he was headed to Atlanta to join the team for a couple of days of practice before Friday nights game against Atlanta. Before his nightmare in Miami, he was coming off his best two years as the starting PG with the Lakers where he averaged 11 PPG while shooting 44% from the field and 36% from the 3. He was 9th in the NBA in steals and 8th in the NBA in the steals to turnover ratio. He brings size and quickness to the Clippers. He is also a lot more athletic that our current crop of PG's and will bring a little show to an offense that currently is stagnant and boring while the team plays out the string this season.

So, what is the rap against Smush. He is actually a nice guy but has been a head case at times. But I watched him play over 100 games with the Lakers and his reputation is his lack of defense because he can not stay in front of the fastest PG's when they explode with the first step. Smush is quick and quick enough to always be a steals leader, so what is the problem. My thought has always been that he shouldn't crowd the fast PG's out high and back up a half a step giving himself more room to move side to side. It is a containment stategy. If he can solve this one aspect of his game he can actually help any team. He can run the break, shoot from the outside, make athletic plays, and be fun to watch. He came out of the school yards playing the "show" game.

After this road trip Smush will return to Staples Arena and it will be Deja Vu all over again, just in a different uniform. Smush is not likely to be our starting PG next season. But if it works out he could be a valuable back up as a combo guard available to play the 1 and the 2. Go Smush.....this is your last chance Buddy. Don't mess it up!


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