Clippers Schedule 2011-2012 Lockout Shortened

Posted by: david on 12/06/2011 - 05:35 PM

The lockout shorted 2011-2012 Clippers NBA schedule has been released. There will be two pre-season games and then the Clippers start the season on the road vs the Warriors on Christmas Day. The Clippers have a road-heavy April schedule. To make the playoffs it is prudent for the team to be in good shape in terms of the standings and playoffs heading towards that home stretch.

December Opponent Time
Mon 19 @ LA Lakers Preseason 7:30pm
Wed 21 vs LA Lakers Preseason 7:30pm
Sun 25 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Wed 28 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Fri 30 vs Chicago 7:30pm
January Opponent Time
Sun 01 vs Portland 6:30pm
Wed 04 vs Houston 7:30pm
Sat 07 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
Tue 10 @ Portland 7:00pm
Wed 11 vs Miami 7:30pm
Sat 14 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Mon 16 vs New Jersey 12:30pm
Tue 17 @ Utah 6:00pm
Wed 18 vs Dallas 7:30pm
Fri 20 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Sun 22 vs Toronto 12:30pm
Wed 25 @ LA Lakers 7:30pm
Thu 26 vs Memphis 7:30pm
Sun 29 @ Denver 5:00pm
Mon 30 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
February Opponent Time
Wed 01 @ Utah 7:30pm
Thu 02 vs Denver 7:30pm
Sat 04 @ Washington 4:00pm
Mon 06 @ Orlando 4:00pm
Wed 08 @ Cleveland 4:00pm
Fri 10 @ Philadelphia 4:00pm
Sat 11 @ Charlotte 4:00pm
Mon 13 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Wed 15 vs Washington 7:30pm
Thu 16 @ Portland 7:30pm
Sat 18 vs San Antonio 12:30pm
Mon 20 @ Golden State 7:30pm
Wed 22 vs Denver 7:30pm
Tue 28 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
March Opponent Time
Thu 01 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Fri 02 @ Phoenix 7:30pm
Sun 04 @ Houston 4:00pm
Mon 05 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Wed 07 @ New Jersey 5:00pm
Fri 09 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
Sun 11 vs Golden State 6:30pm
Mon 12 vs Boston 7:30pm
Wed 14 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
Thu 15 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Sat 17 vs Houston 12:30pm
Sun 18 vs Detroit 12:30pm
Tue 20 @ Indiana 4:00pm
Wed 21 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Thu 22 @ New Orleans 5:00pm
Sat 24 vs Memphis 12:00pm
Mon 26 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Wed 28 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Fri 30 vs Portland 7:30pm
Sat 31 vs Utah 7:30pm
April Opponent Time
Mon 02 @ Dallas 5:30pm
Wed 04 vs LA Lakers 7:30pm
Thu 05 @ Sacramento 7:00pm
Sat 07 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Mon 09 @ Memphis 5:00pm
Wed 11 @ Oklahoma City 5:00pm
Thu 12 @ Minnesota 5:00pm
Sat 14 vs Golden State 12:30pm
Mon 16 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Wed 18 @ Denver 6:00pm
Thu 19 @ Phoenix 7:30pm
Sun 22 vs New Orleans 6:30pm
Tue 24 @ Atlanta 4:30pm
Wed 25 @ New York 5:00pm

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