JamFan's NBA Power Rankings - All Star Break

Posted by: JamFan on 01/09/2012 - 09:02 PM

Sunday 2/12 - Miami moves back up to the top spot with 7 straight wins. The Clippers drop one spot to #5 after San Antonio moves up with an 11 game winning streak. Linsanity moves NY out of the lottery with 8 wins in their last 10. Boston drops down into the lottery after 5 straight losses.

1 Miami Heat 27-7 ~ Most powerful team, won 8 in a row by 12 pts or more, and 9 of last 10.

2 Oklahoma City Thunder 27-7 ~ Could be #1, won 5 in a row, 12 road wins. Dumped the Lakers.

3 Chicago Bulls 27-8 ~ Also could be #1, 14 road wins, trading for Gasol?

4 San Antonio Spurs 24-10 ~ Won 11 in a row, 9 of 10, finally 11 road wins.

5 LA Clippers 20-11 ~ Best start in a long time. Paul stepping up after Chauncey's loss.

6 Indiana Pacers 21-12 ~ Very streaky team but won last 4. 11 road wins. The Hoosier state is in love with basketball again.

7 Orlando Magic 22-13 ~ Really bad some games then great in others. Won last two and 7 of 10.

8 Dallas 21-13 ~ 6Inconsistant but won 7 of last 10. Lost to Lakers at home.

9 LA Lakers 20-14 ~ Inconsistant, won only 5 of last 10, only 6 road wins.

10 Philadelphia 76er's 20-14 ~ Leading their division but lost 5 straight. Iggy an All Star

11 Houston 20-14 ~ Crawl up out of the lottery after 3 straight wins. Only 6 road wins.

12 Atlanta Hawks 20-14 ~ Recent 3 gamed losinf steak, lost 6 of last 10. 10 wins on the road.

13 Memphis 19-15 ~ Can't make up their mind if they want the lottery or not.

14 New York 17-18 ~ Linsanity takes over NY. Won 7 of last 10. Carmelo back. Byron Davis playing.

15 Minnesota 17-17 ~ Back up out of lottery, 10 of 17 wins are on the road.

16 Denver Nuggets 18-17 ~ Suffering from lots of key injuries. Dropped 7 of last 10.

The Lottery Teams-
Boston, Portland, Minnesota, Utah, Phoenix, Golden State, Toronto, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Sacramento, New Jersey, Charlotte, Detroit, New Orleans, Washington.

I rank teams based not just on their win/loss record. I put extra weight on how they have played lately, strength of schedule, and how they are playing on the road.

aka Don Allen

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