Grant Hill Joins The Clippers

Posted by: JamFan on 07/17/2012 - 01:38 PM

aka Don Allen

Kobe Bryant wanted him. Steve Nash lobbied for him to join the Lakers. Instead Grant Hill decided to join the team of the future.
Clippers fans knew something was up when Grant met with Vinny Del Negro a couple of days ago during the Summer League games in Las Vegas. Within a couple of days the deal was done. He has agreed to sign a two year deal, but that agreement could be altered if the Suns decide they want to execute a sign and trade with the Clippers.

Grant Hill gives the Clippers another veteran leader who is great as a facilitator and making others around him better. Moreover, he will become that wing defender that everybody has been clamoring for. In addition to being able to add scoring off the bench, Grant was the guy that Phoenix used as their defensive stopper. If you need someone to guard Kobe, Lebron, or Kevin Durrant, he was the one who was assigned to get the job done. You don't really stop those players. All you can do is try to slow them down and reduce their numbers. He was even asked to guard some of the top point guards in the league like Deron Williams.

At age 39, Grant Hill is now the second oldest player in the league. He just doesn't play like it. Because he missed so many games early in his career, there isn't a lot mileage on his body. In the last 4 years playing with Phoenix, he has actually been available for as many games as anybody on their roster. He played in 49 games in the shortened season last year. In the 3 years prior to that, he only miseed 3 of 246 games.

Grant has a 48% career shooting percentage and during the last 5 years with Phoenix he has continued to hit his career percentage. He has shot 32% from the 3 during his career but only hit 26% last season. In the two seasons prior to that he hit 44% and 40% respectively. Grant has averaged 17ppg during his career and went for 10.2ppg in 28 minutes last season off the bench. Grant had a 10.33eff last season and hit 77% from the line.

At 6'8", Grant Hill will be that small forward who will come in and back up Caron Butler. When defense demands it, they could both be on the floor at the same time.

So the Clippers have added another veteran leader who is has been an All Star, a member of the Dream Team, and has won way to many awards to list here. He is a great locker room guy and has plenty of experience in the playoffs. Clipper fans are hoping he still has plenty in the tank and can help them get to the finals over the next two years.

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