He's Back - Chauncey Billups Returns Only To Leave Us Once Again

Posted by: JamFan on 11/28/2012 - 07:59 PM

aka Don Allen

PIC OF THE DAY - Obviously goes to Chauncey Billups. We have waited a long time. Nice to have him back.

UPDATE- Chauncey is back on the injured list with a foot injury. The date of return is not available. His return to the lineup was shortlived. His return did help the Clippers turn around a short losing stint. The good news is that even though he has left the lineup, the Clippers winning streak continues.

CHAUNCEY RETURNS- Chauncy Billups finally returns to the Clippers lineup after a leg injury that has kept him out since the before the playoffs last season. His return is heralded as a triumph because many thought that a PG his age would have taken a lot longer to make the comeback.

Some sports writers even hinted that they thought that maybe Chauncey would call it a day and retire. But Chauncey quickly put those rumors to rest and told the world that he was going to work very hard to come back better than ever. His efforts have apparently paid off with the earlier than expected return.

Chauncey may have even come back earlier if it weren't for the fact that the Clippers bench is so deep. The deep bench is a luxury that allowed him to take some extra time and make sure his injury was completely healed and his game conditioning was up to speed.

WILLIE GREEN - You have to feel a little sorry for Willie Green who has been starting in Billups absense. It is now a sure thing that he will get buried behind Chauncey and Jamal Crawford in the depth chart. His chances of playing minutes might be reduced to a mop up role in garbage time unless there is an injury to another player that would move him up on the depth chart. An injury to one of our point guards might mean that Crawford or Billups might would move over to play PG and then opening up some minutes for him. Then again, the return of Grant Hill will make things even more crowded.

THE FUTURE - One thing that worries me is how Chauncey got hurt in the first place. He didn't have a collision with anybody. He didn't land on another players foot. He was simply starting to run down the floor and "Pop." These things start to happen to some players as they get older. Let's hope this is not a recurring glimpse of things to come. One thing for sure, we do not need to work Chaucey to death. He can start and keep his minutes limited. We have the luxury of bringing in Jamal Crawford and he is more than capable of handling the big minutes. Then at the end of the game, we can have both of them on the floor. Pick your poison. Are you going to try to stop CP3, Jamal Crawford, or Mr. Big Shot. Teams will definitely not be able to double team anybody. If they do they are likely to get burned.

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