Oh Me Oh My - A Miracle Comeback - Sweet 16

Posted by: JamFan on 12/19/2012 - 10:05 PM

aka Don Allen

PIC OF THE DAY- Chris Paul gets the honors after leading the Clippers to one of the biggest comebacks in Clipper history. Not only did he have 29 points but also hit key shots down the stretch to secure the victory.

LAST GAME- The Clippers beat the Utah Jazz 116-114, after being down by 19 points with 8 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. Chris Paul led the way with 29 points while Blake Griffin had 22 and 13 boards. It was a miracle comeback that highlighted how the Clippers can utilize different players in different situations to get a difficult and hard fought win. We need to start giving Coach props for his effective use of all of his players talents.

THE STREAK- Not only did the Clippers eclipse the franchise record, they now hold the NBA's longest streak this season with 16. The Clippers record now stands at 23-6 which is for now the best record in the NBA.

NEXT UP- The Clippers host the Utah Jazz at Staples on Dec 30.

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE - Many of us believed early on that the Clippers would have a good team this year, but I think few of us would have bet the family farm on whether or not they would have the best record in the NBA at Christmas. And yet, here we are. Few would have bet that the Clippers would have the longest streak in the NBA. And yet, they have broken there own franchise record and lead the way with 16 games in a row. Few would have bet that by Christmas the Clippers would be ranked as the #1 team on many NBA power rankings. And yet many are starting to affirm what JamFan's power rankings has been saying for over a week now. The Clippers Christmas gift to their fans is in deed all of these miracles.
The Clippers are playing with a confidence that says "We can win any game against anybody." It is hard for any team to hold on to the best record and the #1 ranking has changed a gazillion times already this season with many of the top teams taking their turn. The Clippers will indeed have thier moments this season when they will stumble and have to find a way to regroup. For the moment, they are the best, and who know how far they can go. An NBA Championship???

CHRIS PAUL- CP3 hit a milestone last night by hitting 5000 assists for his career. Only four other players in the history of the NBA made it to 5000 faster that Chris including Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, John Stockton, and Isiah Thomas. He is also the third youngest player to achieve that goal.

MATT BARNES- Matt has been playing so well that coach is using him down the stretch most of the time in the 4th quarter. Not only has he been shooting 57%, he has been very effective on both ends of the floor. He has brought energy to the floor and has been a lock down defender. He has also been one of important guys on the fast break. His lob pass off the backboard to Blake for a dunk at the end of the break will be a highlight in promos forever.

BLAKE GRIFFIN- Before the streak began, blake almost looked like he had taken a step backwards in his development as a player. In the last 14 games he has shown that he has now brought his game up to another level. If he would stop hesitating when they dare him to shoot his jumper and make them pay, he will become unstoppable.

THE BENCH - The Clipper bench has now definitely proven that they are the best in the NBA. They outscore any other bench by far. And they are finishing most games. Jamal Crawford and Matt Barnes lead the way with Eric Bledsoe orchestrating the attack. Then you add Ronny Turiaf and Lamar Odom and you have the best there is. 64 points last night. Amazing.

BALANCE SCORING- We could give glowing reviews to other players who have stepped up during the streak, but the teamwork and the balanced scoring is the diference. On most nights we have 5 to 7 players in double figures. The numbers are not always huge and it is a different player every night leading the way. It's all about depth baby.

11-New Orleans
16- Utah
17- Utah???

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